Pate Seed Recipe

Make this seed pate when you want something in your refrigerator, which can be easily assimilated to any snack or meal. It's one of those things that can get jelly in jerks, slip into a quesadilla, swim in a yoga cup, enjoy at the same time (or instead of hummus), spread into a chart … you get what I say .
Pate of seeds

The base is made of seeds that have been soaked for a stretch and then blended into a creamy, full of puree. In this case I worked on fresh herbs and garlic, but it is not difficult to imagine many different ways of approaching the base. I like to finish the seed seed with a little miso – for flavor, condiments and easy nutritional boost.

Pate of seeds

Pate of seeds

It also depends on spoon – for example, as an alternative to seeds to almond butter.

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