Past Mr. Z

I don’t know why it’s more and more sentimental. I read a lot of books from childhood to the conference. It seems that reading a book has become a habit for me. I have various moods because of the words in the book, or joy or sadness. , or worry or embarrassment.

To make a picture on Weibo today, it’s a poem “Sadness/he said that it’s just a grain of sand, don’t care, but this sand is in her eyes now” just now I put this picture in the background of my circle of friends, and then I changed the new picture, a picture of a rose holding a picture. Just now, my girlfriend asked me how to change my avatar. I said that I am a new and tired person. I often change my avatar to find a sense of freshness. The old one is tired.

In fact, I don’t know why I changed my avatar. I don’t know if I really like new and old. But for a relationship, I have been insisting for a long time. This year is the day we have not seen two years and eight days of graduation. Feelings seem to come quickly. To be honest, I can’t remember what he looks like now.

But I still remember that I still have this person in my heart, and no one can push him away from my heart after two years. In high school, I am a class teacher. He is an uneasy person. For the class order, several classes decided to transfer some of the uneasy elements to achieve the effect of blocking their speech. So each class took an uneasy element into their own group and sat next to themselves. He came to my side like this. The reason why other classes gave me was that no one can tame him, because I am a girl who compares men, so, inexplicably, he is the only opposite sex table in my high school. The easy-going Libra always tries to bring you a smooth life with your own strength, so I always try to influence him with my weak power.

I don’t know how to talk about our relationship. I only know that this kind of free and easy female man is a friend with him. The fate is a wonderful thing, even if I am no longer a class. Even after the seat was moved many times, we were still very close. I don’t know how to describe our high school life, because it is too wonderful, too rich, or too tired, I can’t describe it with too much ink. Because until the end of the college entrance examination, I was really aware that I was going to leave him until I felt that I was in love with such a person. Suddenly I remembered that there was a line saying that “some people found out that they were the favorite after they left.” There are many classmates in the class. On the day of the meal, they may not be able to say goodbye to everyone. They may not have time to hug everyone, and may not have time to finish themselves. I want to say… The clear picture in my mind reminds me that the first person I met that day was him. And now that I think of happiness, it is his first arms. We will not deliberately write down our first involvement, our first hug, our first kiss…unless that person is your concern, like it. So I remember his hugs were so gentle but majestic, safe and warm. So much now I will be very nostalgic.

There was not enough wine on the day of the graduation party. Everyone from the beginning of the small glass to the later bottle. When I was drinking beer bottles for him, he grabbed it, and the tears of the wine slid down the cheeks, and he couldn’t wait to respond directly to help me wipe my mouth. So I remember his palms were so delicate and soft, vigorous and generous. Graduation seems to be a magical thing, regardless of the size of the age, the end of the college entrance examination seems to herald our adulthood, free from the bondage to do whatever it pleases. Therefore, after graduation, the couple will always fly, but the courage I have received is frustrated. I have been in college for two years. He deleted my QQ. Later I added it. Later he deleted it because he said that he played WeChat, so I gave up my QQ, and then I occasionally looked for him. Chat, because I am afraid that he will be annoyed, I am careful to have a ride with him and chat with him, I want to chat about the day, I am afraid that my words will not be annoying. Then I forgot what he said and hurt me. I wanted to make up my mind to forget him, so I deleted the contact information, but I deleted the phone number that I would recite, and deleted the WeChat I will carry. account number. I still couldn’t help but add it back during the New Year.

Speaking a simple Chinese New Year, after a few months, he deleted my WeChat and left a sentence saying “I don’t want to contact high school students again.” Why did my three words pass? Has been verified by friends. The tears that did not live up to expectations disappeared. I went to find a few people to verify whether the situation was true. The answer to the testimony was that they did not know that they were deleted. Then, if there is a message, should I still like it? worry? I told this to my girlfriend, and my girlfriend persuaded me to say, “I didn’t give up on him, he gave up his three years of high school life.” After listening to it, there was an unspeakable feeling. I don’t know if I am heartbroken or if I am heartbroken. Why did I veto that I still want to veto his three years of life? Maybe I really don’t understand him. Just a while ago, I also sent him a Weibo that I can only watch, but I don’t know why I just missed it when I searched. Maybe Weibo is telling me that some things should not exist. . But I remember the content of that Weibo, and it was also the signal that I was missing in such a late night. That is such a paragraph “I really miss you, I still miss you very much, I still like you, even though I have forgotten your clear appearance, but I still remember, remember that you only eat cucumber, egg and ham in your dinner, because you Say that you can grow muscles. Remember that you are a sports student, remember that your dream is to become a fitness instructor. I still remember that you always like to bully me, remember that once you study at night, you said that you can be prayed by me. After that, you said that when you go down, you will hit me. When you go down, I will run immediately, but if you don’t get it in a minute, you will catch my hat and hit me.

Of course it’s worth it. Let’s start with strength. Remember to tell me about your older sister and sister. Remember to read “Ghost Story” in the corner of the math class. Remember that you will enter the classroom with a slightly wet hair at 5:45 in the morning. Passing by me, remember that you are not good at learning, but the geography history is very good. Remember that we discussed the essays together. You laughed at my bad geography. Remember that you often hurt me. I remember that you will not teach me anything in mathematics. Simple multiple choice question You can learn to get some scores without foundation. I remember one night I gave you a chicken soup letter that encourages you to study and enter the ideal university. Remember that you sang “You at the same table” and remember you. “Zebra Zebra” remembers your “Rose” and remembers that “Yu Zao” remembers every song you sang. I remember that when I graduated, I said that I have no chance to listen to you. You said that you have the chance to sing again, remember me. Say we can’t quarrel again, you come back with a sly expression pack, I said that we won’t see you again later, you said no, remember that the reason you refused me is to let me study hard, remember where you are now. I remember every message sent to me. I cut the picture and it was in my mind. Remember…” I can’t remember your appearance. I only know that it is two years and nine days after I graduated. I remember you said You like short hair, so you haven’t been long in high school for three years…

Now sometimes dreaming will dream of you, but when you wake up, you will disappear, and now your city is still parked on your mobile phone. The temperature. Now Weibo still keeps your school’s dynamics until my friends say that my current avatar is the type you like. I have never noticed it. Perhaps it is a kind of obsession, but it may be a habit. It seems that my life has your shadow everywhere, even the avatar background picture is… I don’t know what I can remember, because there is no common memory, but I will still remember it, remembering that I once knew you, remembered I have loved you…

In the end, I can only wish you well.