Paragraph is coming 20

1. When I first worked with my neighbor’s sister, she was very nervous. After all, she was carrying her parents. At that time, she was only left inside, and the high wave came in a wave. Miss Sister asked me to touch a hole. I just felt like a pain when I just reached in. Hey, it’s not easy to catch a crab in the sea.

2. Chatting with my husband, I: “Husband, you said that a woman is better, is it better?” Husband: “That must be a fierce woman.” I: “That Do you mind my fierceness?” Husband: “Stupid, what do you care about with women!” Suddenly felt warm in my heart.

3. Colleagues and his girlfriend video show love, sweetly told a riddle: Colleague: “There were two people in the past, one called “I like you” and one called “I don’t like you”. One day “I don’t like you” died, what is the name of the rest?” His girlfriend was shy and embarrassed to answer, and I was brave enough to answer the question: called the widow! I don’t know this! Damn, dare to show love in front of Laozi!

4. Going to the wedding of someone else with my girlfriend, I was sitting at a table with my ex-girlfriend. Just sitting down, the two girlfriends looked at each other and they all lowered their heads to drink, which made me confused. I only know later that the ex-girlfriend is desperate to drink and does not want to see us show love in front of her. The current drink is because, when I am jealous of me, I won’t be soft! What am I did wrong?

5. In the past month, my father has called me more than ten times and said that I have made a mistake every time. Ask him, he said nothing. The more I wondered, the more wrong, the worse, my father got Alzheimer’s, just remember my call. Drive home immediately. When I saw my dad who was just waking up, I was a hot girl: Dad, do you know me? ? Dad shot my head and said: Silly niece, you are back! My phone is broken, I will always dial you automatically. You will buy a new phone for me.

6. Go shopping with your boyfriend and pass by Haicang House. I have no intention to ask: “The clothes inside are not expensive.” Two boyfriends roared: “Advertising on TV says that you only visit twice a year, you TM said it is not expensive!!” I:. . . . . .

7. My wife just got a driver’s license and woke up at six in the morning. I had to drive to buy a steamed buns. I was asleep and woke up by her: “My husband is getting up, I bought a lot of buns, what stuffing is there.” I was surprised to ask: “Why do you buy so much? Please ask someone to help you move?” The wife was a little embarrassed: “I accidentally knocked the steamed buns down. He came to get the money.”

8. When I was young, one day my mother called for a waste collection, and took a thick scrapbook from under the bed. Give it to him. Dad saw the fastest way to find a book from a pile of discarded books, saying that this book can not be sold! Mom’s insidious smile, grabbed the book from Dad’s hand, and found a few hundred dollar bills from the book! I clearly remember that my father didn’t have dinner that night, and I slept very early…