Our guide to Barcelona – Green kitchen stories

We love Barcelona and if you follow us on social media you may have noticed that we will be back there in the summer. Our family has an apartment in the Raval area so Barcelona has almost become a second home for us. It has this rare combination of great atmosphere, long time and great beaches. We've shared some recommendations for instagram, but we wanted to find a more accurate guide to the places we want to visit for good food and family-friendly places.

We leave out the sights of Gaudi, the Picasso Museum and all the other regular tourist attractions and focus on good places to eat, vegetables and great ice creams. There are thousands of restaurants and places in Barcelona and this is by no means a complete guide. But these are the places we often come back to or recommended by people who know our preferences. If you think we missed something good, leave a comment and we might include it when updating the guide.

We've also tagged all these places in a Barcelona Green Kitchen on Google Maps so you can easily find them. And to make things even better, we also ticked all our favorite playgrounds, because it can be quite difficult to find. (If you have no children you can just close this mattress.)

Thanks for watching and enjoying Barcelona


– Satan Coffee – This has been one of our favorite coffee bars for years. It is hidden in an alley in Gotica. Aside from the awesome coffee serving some cool food options and serving quinoa bircher before we did 🙂

– Caravelle – This place has quickly become one of our favorites. The atmosphere and service are perfect and the coffee is spot on. The food is inventive and delicious. You can easily claim your flat white with oat milk and their cow's milk comes from a small farm just outside of Barcelona.

– Little Fern Cafe – New Zealand / Austrian style café in Pobleneu with many modern vegetable options and excellent coffee. We loved the corn fries and the avocado and broke the peas sandwich.

– Federal Cafe – A typical hipster place with cool interiors and good coffee. They allow laptops to come here when we have to work and enjoy a tomato and a melted cheese croissant sandwich.

– Bohl – If you're looking for lemon and porridge bowls in Barcelona, ​​this is the place to go. A beautiful location located in the Eixample neighborhood.

– Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop – Special 3-seater coffee makers serving hot coffee and frozen dinner.

– Onna Coffee – Serious coffee maker, making their coffee with small batches of roasted coffee beans. You can find the sweet breakfast and the lattes match as well. Located in the nice neighborhood of Grácia.


Bormuth – A classic swallowtail tapas restaurant in Born that we always return to. It is good value and has many good vegetarian tapas options. Try red pepper and goat cheese, aubergine with honey and withered spinach with pine nuts and raisins.

Teresa Carles / / Lin & Callle – It is a vegetarian institution in Barcelona. Famous for their creative vegetarian food, colorful lemons and beautiful locations. Teresa Carles was the first restaurant, but they now have a few more of the two fraternities and the Teresas Stairway as their third location focusing on smoothies and smaller tweaks. A bit pricey but not to be missed if you are a vegetarian who visits Barcelona.

El Jardi – A small tapas and a drink bar are hiding in a garden in the middle of the busy Raval. They often have live music in the afternoons and then it is worth stopping for a drink and a snack.

Lobo bar -A fantastic tapas bar on a quieter street right behind La Rambla. The food is good and the location is beautiful though a bit expensive. It's a good place to bring friends as they have a large outdoor seating area in the sun, but you might want to book a table first.

Tardaradana – An old favorite tapas restaurant in Born we've been visiting for years. The food and service are wonderful and make the best fried eggplant.

Sincere Greens – New cool and huge restaurant and café with breakfast, lunch and dinner and a separate coffee bar with healthy delicacies and snacks. Perfect if you are around Plaça de Catalunya and looking for green. Extra points for their kombucha at the tap.

The green spot – A fantastic vegetarian restaurant at the beginning of Barceloneta. We have tasted the charcoal pizza with zucchini and smoked burrata, spirulina root and ice cream with espresso.

Parking Pita / Parking Pizza – These two neighboring places were recommended by a group of people, but we went there without checking their opening hours and came before they opened for dinner (kids!). We didn't have time to go back but will try to try it the next time we are in town. The photos on their instagram look great.

Sopa Barcelona – We didn't get it here, but we heard that we had to go for good food and vegetarian soups. You might be worth a visit if you're in the Poblenou neighborhood.

Baldomero – We didn't get it here, but it has been recommended to us by many. And the photos on their instagram look aesthetically pleasing with shades of pink and a shared kitchen.

Väcka – A small vegan space with lots of fun and creative vegan burgers, waffles, vegan cheeses and cakes.

Ice cream bars

Gocce In Latte – A lovely ice cream bar between Born and Barceloneta. We often stop here to see the road behind the beach. They have a vegan position around the corner.

Amorino gelato – Super tourists, but our kids love to shape their ice cream into roses. They have service stations in the city, usually we go to Portaferrissa street.

Dela Crem – Several people were smelling us about this ice cream parlor located on a cozy pedestrian street with pretty nice cafes and restaurants just north of Plaça Catalunya. The salted pistachio ice cream was exceptionally good and the coffee and mascarpone.

Bar Campana – It's next to a cute courtyard in Born. It is worth a stop for their coffee ice cream and good nougat flavors too.

Paralello Gelato – Ice Cream Workshop. We never did it here, but it's on our list for the next time.


– Verita – This is an organic supermarket where we go if we want low-priced products and pure ingredients such as buttermilk, vegetable dairy, quinoa, vegan ice cream, kombucha, veggie sausages, the best tempeh and tofu. We often stop here for the first few days and stock up on things we like to keep at home.

La Bouqeria – The classic Barcelona market full of colorful and creatively displayed fruits and vegetables, (juicy) fruit juices, nuts, cheeses, restaurants (and meats)

Buying Santa Caterina – This is a similar market to La Bouqeria but indoor with slightly fewer tourists.

Fermentation 9 – An entire shop and workshop space dedicated to fermentations like cabbage, kimchi, vegetables and kombucha. If you love bubbles and gut-friendly bacteria, you have to stop and if you haven't tried it yet, go get your fermentation addiction started.

Origo – An organic bakery in Gracia, in case you are tired of the standard Spanish bread.

Things to do with children

There are many small playgrounds spread out in every neighborhood of Barcelona and many of them also have a café or bar next door, which we believe is excellent. They haven't been tagged on any official maps, so we've highlighted some of our favorite playgrounds on our Google Map so you can easily find them. If you're looking for bigger playgrounds, check out Joan Miro Parks,

Labyrinth de Hoerta – Take the subway here and walk over to the tranquil garden, see the old fountains, and then get lost in the great garden maze. We usually offer lunch and put it there as there are no good dining options. They also have a pretty fun playground.

Tibidabo amusement park – Little Tivoli on top of a mountain overlooking Barcelona. It's a fun day trip if you have kids but you eat as they don't have many vegetarian options except fries and popcorn.

Beach – Barceloneta is a long beach that can be reached in a 15-minute walk from La Rambla. They are well taken care of and have many lifeguards although the water can get a little dirty as with most beaches in the city. If you rent a bike, it's worth taking a stroll a little further on Bogatell Beach and then on. The water becomes clearer and becomes a little less full. If you are in Bogatell, you should also stroll through the beautiful Rambla del Poblenou after the beach.

Swimming pools – There are not many large children's pools (unless you want to invade one of the hotels). However, if your children can swim you should climb one of the two pools in Montjuic. Both parties only have deep pools but are reasonably priced and have 50-meter pools. Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc it has stunning panoramic city views but other than that it's all very basic without sun loungers or shades. Swimming pools Bernat Picornell It has no view, but it has an indoor and outdoor pool, lifeguards, sun loungers and a small coffee shop.