Our Beloved Gua Sha Routine – Videos

Our beloved Gua Sha Routine - Video - Golubka Kitchen

Today, we thought it would be fun to share a video with our beloved, slow and polite way of doing gua sha, a facial massage that has its roots in Chinese medicine.
The person gua sha is a beauty treatment, but I try to give him more credit than that. Practice has the potential to be meditative, it is incredibly relaxing, and yes, a direct path to some simple love. For me, it's all about the meaning we assign to our actions all day – you can make gua sha in front of your laptop while immersing yourself in a video on YouTube or you can do it in order to be totally present in any place you are, knowing the sounds and smells around, observing the senses in your skin. Although you are doing the same, you will have two completely different experiences. While I do both, I like to recall that I will take twice the benefits of gua sha as an active meditation, in addition to toning my skin, defusing my face, etc.

Our beloved Gua Sha Routine - Video - Golubka Kitchen


The gua sha face is a practice massage that is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine. A special (and affordable) jade or rose quartz tool is used to perform various, sweeping movements on the face and neck, which increases circulation, helps circulate the lymph fluid, sculpts the features and relaxes the facial muscles. The benefits of the gua strain include better general complexion, reduced imperfections and toned skin. It can help relieve neck pain, jaw stretching, swelling, and even headaches. It's a direct route to warmer skin and is the most relaxing, anti-aging face care you can give yourself in the comfort of your home. It's also a great practice to show some love to yourself. Dismount a little quiet time to slow down and direct your attention to yourself and your prosperity by practicing any small ritual is already the ultimate act of self-service.
* Gua chess massage is also exercised in the body, with more pressure on the tool, and usually you should see an acupuncturist for it. We are only focusing on the person gua sha in this position.

The tool

Gua boat tools come in different shapes, usually in jade and rose quartz. For this routine, we use a heart-shaped jade tool, but you can use a pink quartz tool with the same results (just select the type of stone you design most with). The shape may vary slightly. If you have a garbage tool, you probably already have one that will work for this routine. Just make sure the tool has a notch and a flat (or slightly curved) edge. It may be square such as this or in a heart shape like this.

Our favorite routine

The routine of the gua sha that we practice is slightly different from what we have seen out there. It was presented to us by our acupuncturist and you work from the bottom of your neck and you see it up on the front as the lymph drains on the end, which is the area just above your collars. In this way, you wake the tissues and stimulate the circulation at the base of your neck so that there is an opening for fluid overflow from the waist and the top of the face. It's like a faucet that has to open at the bottom to leave the water. This routine is also slow enough, relaxing and based on a light touch.
Also, if you do not feel with this particular rosa gua sha for whatever reason, there are many more gua sha videos on Youtube that you might like!

When and how

There is no right or wrong way to practice this gua sha routine. Do as often as you want, and whenever you feel better for yourself. It's great in the morning, because it helps to move the stagnant lymphatics and de-puff, and can be immaculately integrated into a morning routine. It is also amazing before bed, because light and slow massage is incredibly relaxing.

My experience

I have heard of a gua sha for a moment and finally decided that this year will be the year I will try it. I ended up falling in love with my practice and my tool is now a permanent accessory on my bedside table (I also tried to use a jade roll and though it feels good, for me there is no doubt that gua sha is much more effective). The positive results of gua sha are not necessarily immediate and tend to be built over time, but your face will be visibly more sculpted after a self-taught session, which is always encouraging. To try it out, first make all the steps of one side of your face, and then see how your features are more chiselled, your eyes are more open and your eyebrows are lifted more from that side. For me, this is particularly noticeable in the eye and eyebrow area.
The first positive physical change I've noticed from a normal gua sha practice (I do it 2-3 days a week) is less swollen in the morning, which is great for me. My favorite time of day to practice the gua sha of the person is in bed right before I go to bed. I think it is extremely relaxing and the cleansing of the throat helps me deal with the tension in my throat, which I experience regularly after a typical workday on the computer. Since my skin tends to swell in the mornings, I notice that I do not wake up to look like an inflated if I do gua sha the night before. Sometimes, if I eat a slow, salty dinner or just do not feel enough sleep and wake up in addition, I get routine in the morning. In this case, I like to run my sweep tool under cold water and wipe it dry so I have a cool stone to work on. That feels So good and long with swelling in no time.
I really look forward to the routine and all the relaxing, nice benefits and try to compress it as many times a week as I can. I think you will really love it.

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