Only scientific fitness methods and diet can make you different.

Have you ever heard of self-weight fitness, street fitness, and freehand fitness?

Only scientific fitness methods and diet can make a difference You

Yes, look at a person’s perseverance, like or not, I used to be physically weak. I thought I had to do my best. Start exercising every day! Pull-ups push-ups! Play basketball! Climb the mountain! Now I have never taken medicine for a cold. And now I am in the fitness industry right now, you can also cheer!

Only scientific fitness methods and diet can make a difference You

I have been practicing for a long time at home for the first time, and then I have been practicing because of special circumstances. Now it is quite effective

Of course! I will not go to the gym to go outdoors, the best, fresh air, the key you have to insist! I am only 18 years old and not lazy. I only need one hour a day. If I persist for one month, you will find that the body changes. This reward has the reward. It is the same. It is the most important to insist on regularity.

Practice at home in my spare time, I like fitness and love sports! Just kidding! Yes. But stick to it, the most important thing for a newcomer to fitness is how to make yourself fall in love with fitness and stay fit. Come slowly

Yes, you can find a lot of fitness-related theoretical knowledge and video tutorials on the Internet. Strictly follow the training plan and stick to it will have an effect.

Only scientific fitness methods are not the same as diet You

The point is still to stick to it. I learned about sports and fitness from contact for only one year. I believe. Self-scientific exercise and persistence. Must have a good body

People to middle-aged exercise, physical problems, afraid. Running and panting, but also subject to weather. I tend to be indoors, and I have a HIIT fat burning exercise and squat for 20 minutes a day. After half a month, I have less laps in the waist and people are more spiritual. Now I have joined the push-up training, and I plan to buy a pair of dumbbells and connecting bars, as well as a recliner. Dumbbell exercise is still necessary, and the barbell can also be lightweight and heavy. Let’s see what happens in the future. If you want to pursue greater progress, it is estimated that you have to enter the meat room, at least to be Smith’s squat. Squatting is too important to make men last longer, and women are tight-fitting.

Being free for two years, training and stopping, most of them are practiced during the summer vacation, and they don’t move very much in winter.