Oncologists talk about anti-cancer: Why do some lung cancer patients always bloat?

Abdominal flatulence is not very common for patients with lung cancer. So why do some lung cancer patients bloating?

Oncologists talk about cancer: Why? Some lung cancer patients are always bloating?

What are the main causes of flatulence?

1. If some lung cancer patients are always bloating, the main reason is due to the cold in the spleen and stomach and the abdomen. Cancer patients have low immunity and weak spleen and stomach. Once the stomach and abdomen are cold or eat cold food, they will cause bloating or flatulence. Therefore, patients with lung cancer must pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm, eating less or not eating cold food.

2, some patients with lung cancer cells will release endocrine hormones, causing systemic symptoms such as flushing, asthma, bloating and so on.

3, lung cancer metastasis to the liver, the formation of liver ascites, abdominal distension will also be prominent, this is the peritoneal effusion, but not flatulence.

4. If lung cancer occurs on the basis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it will cause pulmonary heart disease, which causes heart failure. The more prominent symptom of heart failure is bloating.

5. In the treatment of lung cancer, if radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used, the immunity will be reduced. The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics will lead to dysbacteriosis or enteritis, which will cause bloating.

6. If lung cancer patients have difficulty breathing, the body is deprived of oxygen, and large mouth breathing causes excessive inhalation of gas, which may also cause abdominal distension.

Oncologists talk about cancer: Why? Some lung cancer patients are always bloating?

Professor Zhang Xinping from Shanghai Medical University pointed out that for cancer patients, it is recommended to let patients combine selenium selenium. In recent years, studies have shown that selenium on animals and Human tumors have preventive and therapeutic effects. Selenium supplementation can reduce morbidity and mortality. The anti-cancer and anti-cancer mechanism of selenium is multi-faceted. Among them, selenium can enhance the immune system function of the body is one of the important mechanisms of its anti-cancer and anti-cancer. In the 1970s, scientists discovered that selenium has an anti-tumor effect, and studies have confirmed that selenium is a powerful inhibitor of tumors. The Relationship between Nutrition and Dietary Status and Cancer Mortality of Rural Residents in China, prepared by the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine and Cornell University in the United States, indicates that the worse the selenium nutrition, the higher the cancer mortality rate. Selenium also has certain preventive and adjuvant therapeutic effects on malignant tumors. Chinese scholars reported that postoperative selenium supplementation in cancer patients can reduce the recurrence rate. Preoperative selenium-enriched cancer tumors have different degrees of shrinking trend, and most patients have slow and stagnant tumor growth. Selenium can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs and increase drug tolerance. Selenium also reduces the nephrotoxicity of cisplatin without affecting its anticancer activity.

The selenium selenium belongs to natural organic selenium and is suitable for cancer patients.

Oncologists talk about cancer: Why? Some lung cancer patients are always bloating?

How to relieve abdominal distension in patients?

For some abdominal flatulence, it is necessary to visit the hospital in time. For the abdominal flatulence caused by cold, the patient can use the large salt particles to fill the bag and warm the abdomen for relief. You can also use Ai Wei. Perform conditioning.

Therapeutic treatment can be used 50 grams of fried fennel, 10 jujubes, 10 grams of ginger, 15 grams of dried tangerine peel and porridge for daily use.