Oncologist: Is cancer detected in the body, is it cancer?

When you have a medical examination, you will not check for cancer in the blood, but you will find out the cancer cells in the blood. Once you have cancer cells in your blood, do you have cancer?

 Oncologist: Is cancer detected in the body? Is it cancer?

General, blood In addition to conventionally existing cells and other constituent substances, there are no somatic cells or cancer cells to swim away. However, some of the exfoliated somatic cells will circulate with the blood until the apoptosis is cleared. Cancer cells are more likely to break away from tumor tissue due to weaker adhesion, so it is common for cancer cells to become cells in the blood circulation.

There is data research, in the lung cancer, more than 70% can detect tumor cells in the blood.

This means that there may be no tumor cells in the blood of people with cancer. However, cancer cells are found in the blood, and there must be a source of tumor tissue. It is certain that there is cancer formation in the body.

 Oncologist: Is cancer detected in the body? Is it cancer?

Professor Li Zhong said :

First, you have to be convinced that this is a very early stage of the tumor, and your body has no feeling, so the development of the tumor can be controlled by your body!

Speaking of a very meaningful medical discovery, in the 1990s, American doctors involved in the examination of traffic accidents found that in more than 60% of healthy people, there were tiny tumor lesions!

That is to say, our healthy population may have a very large proportion of tumor lesions in the body, but this lesion must be

(1) most of the body is self-contained The more it is processed. Otherwise, the incidence of cancer around us will not be so small, only about 300 per 100,000.

(2) A very small number of people will progress to a cancer patient who can develop the disease because his body is not immune enough.

 Oncologist: Is cancer detected in the body? Is it cancer?

So, there is The conclusion, you do not have to fear that the tumor in the body will certainly grow and develop! How to progress, completely under your control!

Second, you will try to remember how you have suffered continuous and repeated physical injuries in your life and work! It is the root cause of your body’s cancer.

Found, you will try to block the removal! It is to give the body a huge support.

Third, from building a balanced and happy mood to paying attention to a comprehensive nutritional diet, you strive to improve your body’s vitality and immunity.

Do three things, then, if you feel better and better, not worse, congratulations, this is the tumor self-healing!

After checking, there may be no cancer cells found in the blood. You become a normal person.

Non-component cells in the blood itself are a very complicated problem that lacks in-depth research. Therefore, answer your own understanding as above, and hope to help everyone!

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