Obtaining medications for obesity (or anything else on this subject) is not a failure

The other day my GP tweeted that there was "no role for pharmacology"to treat obesity along with a hashtag #LCHF. I can believe it believes that low-carbohydrate high fat diets are the universal panacea that everyone needs and that those who do not adopt and succeed with them are personal failures .

And her own is not an isolated view, nor is it the one degraded only in the #LCHF crowd, as I have heard of other non-LCHFs who have pointed out that doctors and feet are the ones required, not drugs or surgery.

But these opinions tend to extend only to obesity, not to any of the literally dozens of other chronic, non-communicable diseases that can prevent or cure the way of life and so yes, while wasteful ways to eat less and exercise more will they helped people lose weight and while #LCHF would help some, it is a bias that has obesity as the only medical condition that people feel comfortable proclaiming that medication (or surgery with remitting) has no role in the treatment.

Clinically unnecessary credit, obesity is complicated and we have not yet discovered a non-surgical, reproducible, viable and evenly effective plan to manage obesity. And while there is no argument about the fact that in an ideal world everyone would take it to live healthier lives, there are two problems with this argument. Firstly, they are not all interested or able to change their way of life, and secondly, statistically, the majority of even those who are interested in and succeed in changing lifestyle will eventually retreat.

Is it a lazy desire to improve the quality and / or quantity of your life? Because for many this will be the treatment of obesity, and this applies to pharmacologically assisted weight loss and to surgical weight loss. And yes, of course, it would be great if everyone had the very real luxury of having health, time, money, and the tendency to exercise regularly and truly, cook and live healthy lives daily, forever, but apart from the mind from those filled with dripping I can do it and so you must the way of life is not just the case of a large percentage of our real population.

So yes, medicines for those who want and need. Same with surgery. And also a variety of nutritional approaches and behavioral strategies. Because my job as a doctor is to provide people with enough information about their choices to make their own informed decisions, it will not be myopic, biased, patient-accused, spiritual, dietetic, zealous

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