Nivi Jaswal: Perfection Trade for the Purpose.

Nivi Jaswal was a senior senior executive with a relentless effort to succeed – until he woke up a day on the floor of the hotel room after he passed out of exhaustion, hunger or both. Now, he has perfected a health care, purpose and contribution – and lost £ 30 in the process.


When Nivi Jaswal awoke on the floor of her room in Hong Kong on 9 March 2015, she was terrified.

Without remembering how she got there and 10 missed calls on her phone from family members and colleagues, Nivi felt lonely and confused … but she was sure of one thing: Something had to change.

He had traveled for a business conference and was very busy. "It turned out I had no food that day. I ran to nine espressos and some candies just to go on," recalls Nivi, who is now 37 years old and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Niwi describes herself before the transformation as torn between perfectionism and purpose in her demanding career.

This kind of career intensity was not atypical at all for Nivi.

Several demanding international missions as a senior marketing officer with regional and global responsibility, as well as an uninterrupted internal effort to succeed, meant that Nivi lived her life at a hectic speed – and putting her own needs at the edge.

"For almost 15 years, I did not have much sleep. There were days when I was until 3pm by responding to emails from the other side of the planet, and I had supervisors telling me not to do that, but I just did not I wanted to read messages to my inbox.

Nivi believed that if he could keep the inbox clean, he had the opportunity to keep everything completely under control. But the truth was that it had been burned down, and the episode of rejection was a wake-up call.

Nivi's life was full of travel and excitement but health was burned.

A leading partner at her core, Nivi took action. He saw a nutritionist, started treatment and worked on stress levels.

At first, he felt that things were getting better.

But later that year, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism or low thyroid levels.

He was also increasingly afraid of becoming a diabetic. Diabetes is running in her family and her father has been diabetic for more than 20 years.

After carefully observing a keto diet and creating a personal coach, Nivi successfully passed a weight and was able to reverse her hypothyroidism.

But then perfectionism began. Nivi has come to heal her health habits as well as her work.

"I was desperately trying to keep everything on track with the hope that if I were perfect with my workouts and my diet, then somehow this perfection would prevent me from destroying my health. In spite of everything I did, it was like I was in a fast train that went down that exact path. "

Meanwhile, Nivi began showing signs of resistance to insulin, a marker also on the path to diabetes.

Afraid of her health and well-being, she knew she needed help – but this time it had to be something sustainable.

Her personal coach suggested Precision Nutrition Coaching, so Nivi decided to try it.

Unlike other diets and lifestyle changes she had tried, Nutrition Precision Nivi felt as though it was ok not to be perfect.

"One of the great things about PN is that it gives people the freedom to fail and then get themselves and try again," says Nivi. "That's her spirit, and I felt it was very liberating, because then you can open and do new things. "

The PN program encourages "experimentation" rather than perfection – a Nivi mentality embraced.

For one thing, she allowed herself to eat foods that were previously strictly out of bounds.

"I had a slice of bread for the first time I do not know how many years, and I laughed and I cried."

PN brought Nivi to the concept of consuming a wider variety of whole foods and, of course, fewer processed foods.

After years of treating casein stains and protein bars as important groups of foods, it began to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plant proteins.

Consuming whole foods was not just a wake-up call for her body, but she also inspired her to make a full career progression.

Nivi has decided to launch not one, but two new companies: a digital market for rural women craftsmen from Northwest India (where Nivi is originally from) and a non-profit center dealing with health care camps for the same technique community.

Eventually she was freed from her perfection, Nivi was advancing her way to the end.

From the moment he woke up in this room to the end of the PN program, Nivi had lost nearly 30 pounds … and was not the only one. Nivi redeems inspiring everyone around her.

Nivi's 68-year-old father was inspired to participate in a diabetes coaching program. In this way, he took out most of his medication and significantly reduced his insulin dose.

Nivi's mother, also 68, overturned her hypothyroidism and returned her blood pressure to normal. Arthritis at an early stage also disappeared when weight was lost.

Her father Nivi committed to an exercise routine. At the age of 76, he was described as "appropriate senior of the month" at his local gym.

And after taking Nivi's lead in portion control and incorporating more fresh herbal foods, her husband, Sean, lost nearly 40 pounds.

Experience also deepened their close bond.

"Without my husband's support, teamwork, continued encouragement, and adopting our new approach to nutrition, my trip to PN would not be so happy, amazing or exciting.

"If we can discover the real purpose of our lives, our partners play a very important role. I feel really grateful and blessed. "

Instead of being involved in her perfection, Nivi now leads by example.

Now, Nivi is set to lead by example. "The teacher only appears when the student is really ready for the lesson," he reflects.

"I have changed the pace and purpose of my life, and by doing so, I have done my efficacy and efficiency."

"Now, I'm really doing more done," says Nivi.

I have learned that self-pacing and exercise of concentration does not necessarily mean that you are slow or uncompetitive. Are you more competitive because you're happy while you're at it. "

Currently, in training in The Mayo Clinic's wellness training program, Nivi's goal is to help prevent exhaustion and stress (and related health problems) in other executives.

"A healthy workspace is a happy workspace. While many business executives feel compelled to be strong at all times, my purpose is to help them recognize that they really," Happy is the New Strong "- a mantra of my own experience ".

"We are our bigger projects and as soon as we realize the best".

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