Myths of Bodybuilding

Myths of BodybuildingThere are many myths in bodybuilding. When I was young, I got a lot of things with face value. I just did not think there was a lot of written material that would give me the best excitement or deceive me to the worst.

I eagerly looked at bodybuilding magazines from cover to cover to look for what would satisfy my desire to gain a muscular physique. I spent thousands of dollars on supplements that were probably all worthy of luck that hit a bottle of colostrum I bought in 1990.

I tea this half-used product in a ravine close to where I lived.

The first Bodybuilding mistakes

So naive it was me in my attempt to succeed in building muscle that I easily adopted counterproductive training methods along with wasteful supplements. One of them, a protocol that claims to add an inch of arm size in 24 hours, sent the training with my arm back for no less than two whole months.

He called for all the enthusiastic muscle builders who could devote a long day to the gym to perform biceps and triceps exercises every hour for an eight hour period. This left my hands so overly trained to perform as well as wet noodles for seemingly endless next trainings.

Good bodybuilding ideas

Sixteen years later, I see a large part of the same spike I fell for my youth as it is remodeling for new audiences. The reason I know this is that I subscribe to a couple of popular bodybuilding newsletters.

Myths of BodybuildingIt does my job to keep up with what's there and put it mildly. Some of these seem less than meticulous.

Without mentioning names or products, here is a summary of some of the probably dubious assumptions I expect to think about getting rid of the dollars for today's hot & bodybuilding products:

  • "Secret" protein formulas from the past can accelerate the growth of muscles.
  • Increasing the "pump" of a muscle will cause an anabolic effect.
  • He eats liver tablets will increase the muscles mass.

"Increasing the volume" (ie increasing muscle fat) is essential for muscle growth.

The first in this list would be funny if it was not crazy. We are asked to believe that a nutritionist guru in the mid-twentieth century had a secret formula he had lost since he accelerated muscle growth.

But what should I expect in a time of the "Da Vinci Code" and the "Secret"? Many seem accustomed to believing that something vital has been lost and buried in the historic reconstruction.

In marketing for this secret formula, it is suggested that the mid-century guru's program went from the obscurity of bodybuilding to the stardom using a protein formula with a precise amino acid balance. Funny; when I look at more objective online information about the relationship between this bodybuilder and his mentor, I find that the bodybuilder attributes his success to an effective training protocol instead of an internal protein recipe.

The Most Important Bodykilding Trick

That does not surprise me. As I have shared with so many people who have noticed my unexpected gains in muscle building: Until you understand the degree of detection / recovery of your tissues, everything else is just a waste of BS money. Once you understand it, you may not notice a great difference (despite the comfort) between the effects of an exotic protein powder and those of a super-filling sandwich.

And now even more buzz marketing is built around nitric oxide products for their ability to create a "pump" in the muscles. Interestingly, I really like these products for the value I can draw from them. If you take a photo shoot, this increased pump may have your muscular body appear slightly swollen. Anyone who sees my latest photos posted on my blog can see the decent angulation partly due to my test for this product.

This does not mean, however, that obtaining a pump will be equivalent to better gains in bodybuilding.

Belief in this kind reminds me of the economic fallacy referred to as the fallacy of synthesis. It is the erroneous belief that what applies to the place is always true for the whole. If you think the "part" is your workout during which your hands feel bigger than before you start the training, there is no reason to force your arms to recover faster between the workouts.

Remember, the full and compensatory recovery of strength between workouts is what results in muscle growth.

Going to the third item in the list: Yes – I have even received newsletters to buy the liver tablets. Damn … I never thought this would return to the bodybuilding shelves.

The belief that the specific benefits can arise from the consumption of certain animal organs is a returning to nomadic breeds believing they gained courage from eating the hearts of the lions. Does the dried liver contain protein? Sure – but a dozen egg whites.

Bottom Line: The protein synthesis for muscle recovery will take its sweet time even if you have excessive protein in your body – regardless of the source of this protein.

This leads us to the last point mentioned. the myth he gathers.

Many of us believed that this one died in the 90s, but seems to make a current return via the Internet.

Personally, I'm disappointed to see so many under the people who are mistaken for excessive calorie intake when they have not even conquered the challenge of "how to gain muscle." If you do not get an effective muscle injury / recovery ratio for the first time, excessive calories will only damage your system. Not only this can cause fat gain, it can slow muscle growth.

Think about it: Your body needs energy for all its functions – including muscle building and digestion / processing of food. You certainly do not want competition to start with the first. This is a recipe for becoming fat, lethargy and non-muscular.

Do not fall for bodybuilding myths

If you want to build a nice physique, beware what misleads so many in the frustration of the plateaus and unfulfilled desires.

Look first at your training strategy and make sure your tactic is good. This can prevent you many naturally heartache bodybuilding; the kind of disappointment that leads to stinging a bottle of thirty dollars of supplements from your backyard to a distant gorge.