My God The world of nutrition is pain

Short post to tell people that they are aggressively monitoring their favorite diets and seeing remarkable people willing to support the most embarrassed medical hucksters if they share a dietary belief and confirmation of the anticipation of antenatal ridicule and endless discussions. , breakfast and fasting and macronutrients and lipids and anti-scientific shilling and marketing on many levels and much more are so tedious .

As a clinician I know that what really matters is helping the person sitting in front of me to remember that science, meals, macronutrients and physiology may not always affect the way a study says they could or should to deal with a person's life and personal preferences. After all, regardless of what I think it is. "correctly"On paper or right for me, my job is to help patients make sustainable changes that in turn lead to a healthier life. these can really enjoy.

Similarly, as a public health advocate, I know that if there was any education or an extremely well-publicized message that would effectively lead to a change in social behavior, we would have already changed all our behaviors. I can also tell you that initiatives that are spent on initiatives are subject to personal liability, but not exclusively to those who promote a person's diet, which is crucial to the actions that are taken for initiatives related to changing the food environment. And there is no shortage of goals to cover all dietary doctrines – from advertising to children, reforming health claims on the package, collecting parasite revenue, providing free cooking for children and adults, national school food and improvement programs, taxation incentives and disincentives, and more.

All this I have to say, I believe that these two misconceptions, that there is a right or right way and that personal responsibility will be our salvation, are the two main reasons why we cannot have nice things in our diet and in nutrition related to public health.