“Music Therapy” prescription for diabetes

Summary: According to the different conditions of diabetic patients, you can get the music prescription you need.

Music can not only express people’s thoughts and feelings, but also cultivate people’s tastes and enrich people’s lives. The activity center of music is in the right side of the cerebral cortex. Easy, cheerful music can encourage the body to secrete some beneficial substances such as hormones, enzymes, acetylcholine, etc., to regulate blood flow and excite nerve cells. Music can also improve the nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and digestive system of human beings. The function.

Treatment therapy for music therapy:

There are three main methods of music therapy: active music therapy, passive music therapy, and comprehensive music therapy. Music therapy generally takes 30 days as a course of treatment, and treats 2 to 3 times a day for about 1 hour each time.

First, active music therapy

Active music therapy can also be called participatory music therapy, which means that patients are not only passively listening, but also Personally participate in various music events. Conditional patients can participate in singing, playing, lyrics, arranger and other musical processes to vent the depression caused by the disease, regulate emotions, stimulate the body’s resistance to disease, maintain a good mental state, and enhance the fight against disease. Confidence, thus contributing to the recovery of the disease.

Second, Passive Music Therapy

Passive music therapy, also known as receptor music therapy, means that the patient listens to some of the conditions. Music, in the process of listening to music, through the music’s melody, rhythm and sound, tone and other factors affect its nervous system, make it balance and balance, get rid of anxiety, tension and other emotions, thus achieving therapeutic effect. Pay special attention to the choice of music, and choose music with healthy content, clear rhythm, beautiful melodies and harmonious sound. It is also necessary to apply the symptoms according to the patient’s specific conditions. Not only should the patient’s personality, occupation, and self-cultivation be considered, but also the emotional state of the patient should be considered. The selected song should be adapted to the patient’s mood. Only by using different types of music to adjust for different situations of patients, can we receive better results and achieve the purpose of healing.

Three, comprehensive music therapy

Comprehensive music therapy refers to the combination of music and other methods, such as domestic music-guided qigong therapy. Musical electrotherapy, foreign music psychology and so on. There are some methods that must be implemented with the help of a music therapy device, such as music electrotherapy, which converts a musical signal into a current through an instrument and acts on the human body through a plate.

The following types of music therapy prescriptions are prescribed according to the different conditions of diabetic patients:

Ning Xin An Shen Fang

The accelerated pace of modern life makes mental stress and anxiety a common problem. Long-term anxiety and mental stress are important emotional factors that induce diabetes. Therefore, when diabetic patients have symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, headache and insomnia, you can use some rhythmic rhythms and elegant and melodic music, such as “Spring River Flower Moon Night”, “Pinghu Qiuyue”, “Guanshanyue”, ” “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon”, “Meihua Sannong” and “Dreaming Music”, etc., make it relieve tension and stabilize emotions.

Invigorating and refreshing the mind

When a diabetic patient is in a weak state, his or her physiological metabolic activity may be disordered. In the long run, it may cause an imbalance in glucose metabolism. Therefore, when diabetic patients are pessimistic, exhausted, and disheartened, they should use some rhythm and high-spirited singles, such as “Carnival”, “Ode to Joy”, “Minhang”, “Big Cut March”, “Yellow River” The chorus, the March of the People’s Liberation Army, etc., promote the spirit of patients.

Shugan Decoction

Depression is prone to cause blood sugar metabolism, which is very unfavorable for diabetes treatment. Therefore, when diabetic patients have depression and anxiety, they can use some rhythm, lively, and melodic music, such as “Spring is coming”, “His Ocean”, “Mountain Flow”, “Rain Beating Plantain”, “Yang” Guan San Die, “Spring Breeze”, etc., help patients get freed from depressed emotions.

Awakening spleen appetizers

For some patients with anorexia and indigestion, they can play some simple and delicate music during their meal. Such as “Flower Good Moon”, “Golden Snake Dance”, “Caiyun Chasing the Moon”, “Pinghu Qiuyue”, etc., so that patients can eat calmly, increase their appetite, increase the secretion of digestive juice, thereby promoting the transportation and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

Pingyang Qianyangyang

For some diabetic patients with strong hepatitis, madness and anger, you can choose some low-sorrow, sad and sad music. For example, “Jianghe Water”, “Han Gong Qiuyue”, “Three Sets of Cars”, “Sai Shang Qu”, etc., to curb their arrogant and angry emotions, reduce mental excitement and calm them down.