Moxibustion anti-aging

The wormwood is the medicine of Xin Wenyang fever, which helps the fire, the fire is the yang, and the two yangs get the same, which can supplement the yang. It can not only cool cold and evil, but also eliminate cold and cold, and can effectively prevent and cure diseases. At the same time, the moxibustion method has obvious strong effects on the spleen and stomach, such as spleen deficiency, poor appetite, lack of energy, moxibustion, sputum and Zusanli, often get good curative effect.

If there are symptoms such as susceptibility to cold, physical weakness, spontaneous sweating, and lack of energy, it is caused by two spleen and kidney deficiency. Repeated moxibustion to control the points of life, Guanyuan, Zusanli and other points can play a role in replenishing vitality, reconciling the camp, and rehabilitating the function of the organs.

The following are some common acupoints for anti-aging moxibustion. If you feel that you have recently lost your body, your body is weak, and your spirits are wilting, you may want to try these points.

Renmai Jingji: The original of anger

Renmai has the role of “Total yin yin”, and the Shimen affiliation that it passes through is called “Dandian”, also known as “angry original”. Guanyuan, Qihai, Zhongji and Shenque points in the lower abdomen of moxibustion can benefit the body and prolong the body.

Shouyangming stomach: nursed the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood

Shouyangming stomach is more gas and blood, and the spleen and the stomach are in the table, while the spleen and stomach are the human body. This is the source of human body qi and blood biochemistry. This can increase the spleen and stomach and nourish the qi and blood. The Zusanli is the lower acupoint of the foot Yangming stomach. It is said that there is a long-lived family in Japan with an average life expectancy of one hundred and seventy-eight years old. The secret is that the daily moxibustion is three times a day from 1 to 10 every month.

Du mai and foot sun bladder: Yiqiqiangshenguyuan

Du mai has the role of “Governor Zhuyang”, the body viscera passes through the foot of the bladder through the back of the Yu The hole is governed by the governor’s pulse. This acupoint has more merits of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the kidney. Regarding the Shenshu point, in the “Six-Piece of the Needle”, the main deficiency of the yuan is mentioned, which indicates that the moxibustion above the Yu point has the effect of tonifying the kidney and benefiting the yang.