Metamucil for Weight Loss?

Metamucil for weight loss is not the way for anyone to lose weight. Metamucil may be a good product for those who have a constipation problem, but you are increasingly seeing it marketed as a supplement rather than a short-term solution to a weight problem.

Metamucil for Weight Loss?

Metamucil for Weight Loss

The Combined Synergy Blog today had an article on the dark side of marketing, where it seems that Metamucil's makers are trying to make people take the product as something that seems to be bad and this is a supplement to "clean up" your interiors.

I would not usually be very worried about this kind of article but after examining the position you can see how this can lead people to consider the new marketing plan as a shortcut to an eating disorder.

I have not covered the eating disorders much in the past, but this article has awakened me to the fact that I have to look at this more in the future.

So what Metamucil for weight loss does is that it uses soluble and insoluble fiber to get rid of the bulk in the body. The problem is that when you have a problem with this is a very bad way to get rid of extra weight, weight will not come out, but many of the nutrients will be removed from your system.

Therefore, please do not use Metamucil for weight loss.