Metabolism Enhance Food

This great article by Sherry Strykowski about metabolism that enhances food and how to increase metabolism this is sure to be your head shaking in agreement, but there are some that will probably be new to you as well.

Here are 10 metabolisms that boost foods that will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism

metabolism that enhances food

I made bold comments just to highlight some of my own views on how to increase metabolism.

Stoke your metabolic fire and burn calories faster with food and beverages that are nutritionally friendly. Post this list in your fridge next to your photo in "skinny jeans" and make a copy to bring with you the next time you shop for groceries.

Just remember: Calorie counting, portion control rules and there is no substitute for a balanced diet and regular exercise. That's how they move!

How to increase metabolism

1. Water – A new study seems to show that drinking water speeds up weight loss and is a great way to increase metabolism. Researchers in Germany found that study subjects increased their metabolism rates (the rate of calories burned) by 30% after consuming about 17 ounces of water.

Water is also a natural appetite suppressant that eliminates swelling as it flushes out sodium and toxins. Drinking plenty of water will also help keep you from the wrong thirst for hunger. So drink!

Make sure you start your day with a large glass of water and drink throughout the day, not just all together.

2. Green Tea – Studies show that green tea extracts boost metabolism and can help with weight loss. This mood enhancing tea has also been reported to have anti-cancer properties and helps prevent heart disease. It is also a trendy drink among celebrities with a health consciousness.

You may have already seen my articles on green tea, but this can be a really fantastic herb and the taste is also nice!

3. Soup – Eat less and burn fat faster, having a bowl of soup as an appetizer or a snack. According to a study by Penn University, soup is a suppressor of super appetite because it consists of a combination of healthy and satisfying hunger. In the study, women chose one of three 270-calorie snacks before lunch.

Women who had a chicken and rice soup as a snack consumed on average less calories than those in the study who chose a chicken and rice saucepan or the saucepan and a glass of water.

I joke that the soup is not a meal, but it really fills you up for very few calories and you remember that when you eat a great food it will really satisfy.

4. Grapefruit – The grapefruit diet is not a myth. Researchers at the Scripps clinic found that participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal over a 12-week period lost an average of 3.6 pounds.

The study shows that the unique chemical properties of this vitamin C-filled citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes loss and boosts metabolism. NOTE: If you are taking medicines, consult your doctor for any potentially adverse drug interactions with grapefruit.

Grapefruit, because of the soft peel, is a nice alternative to an orange apple and study after studying for the last 30 years has shown that it can really help to burn fat.

5. Apples and pears – Women who ate the equivalent of three small apples or pears a day lost more weight on a low-calorie diet than women who did not provide fruit in their diet, according to researchers at the Rio de Janeiro State University.

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Fruit eaters consumed fewer calories overall. So the next time you have to satisfy a craving for sugar, get to this low calorie snack. You will feel more and eat less.

6. Broccoli – Study after study associates calcium and loss. Broccoli is not only high in calcium, but also loaded with vitamin C, which enhances calcium absorption. This member of the cabbage family also has enough vitamin A, folic acid and fiber. And at just 20 calories per cup, this weight loss superfood not only fats fat but also contains powerful phytochemicals that enhance your immunity and protect you from diseases.

7. Low Fat Yogurt – Dairy products can boost weight loss efforts, according to a study in the April issue of Research Obesity. People on a low-calorie diet, which included three to four servings of dairy products, lost significantly more than those who consumed a low-calorie diet containing the same number of calories. Low-fat yogurt is a rich source of fat-containing calcium, delivering about 450 mg (about half of the recommended daily dose for women aged 19-50) per serving of 8 ounces, as well as 12 grams of protein.

As far as super-foods go Yogurt is right there. It contains calcium, protein and a ton of other nutrients as well as good bacteria and probiotics for your digestive system.

8. Lean Turkey – Refresh your fat burner with this favorite bodybuilder. Numerous studies have shown that protein can help boost metabolism, lose fat and build muscle tissue so that you burn more calories. A 3-ounce serving of non-skinned turkey bone bone weighs 120 calories and provides 26 grams of appetite-limiting protein, 1 gram of fat and 0 grams of saturated fat.

With the price of chicken going up today, Turkey has become a great alternative. Remember that turkey is a little tougher than chicken and the taste is a little different, but it's not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore.

9. Oatmeal – This heart-to-heart favorite is at the top of the list of good carbohydrates, because it is a good source of diluting fats (7 grams per 3/4 cups) that fight cholesterol and keep you full and provide you the energy you need to make the most of it. your workouts. Just make sure you choose steel cut or rolled oats, not instant oats, to get your full dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

For many years now, Pro Bodybuilders have relied on Oatmeal as an essential ingredient of their breakfast, surprisingly high in nutrients.

10. Hot Peppers – Eating hot peppers can speed up and boost metabolism and cool your cravings, researchers at Laval University in Canada found. Here's why: Capsaicin (a chemical found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers) temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolism and forces you to burn more calories.

Metabolism Enhance Food

Here's how these 10 fat superstars help you lose weight and increase metabolism.

how to increase metabolismEach of these healthy weight loss enhancers fills you up and keeps you fuller with less calories.

how to increase metabolismWater-rich fresh fruits, vegetables and soup dilute the calories in your food and allow you to eat more without breaking the calorie table.

how to increase metabolismHigh-fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains keep your digestive system on a good track and steady insulin levels, preventing fat storage.

how to increase metabolismLean boosts metabolism and burns calories because it consumes more energy to digest from other foods.

Another good way to increase metabolism is to try a new diet that recycles your calories with a few daily and other days off your diet. This is a new style diet that works great, the name, Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Check out my review of nutrition that is actually made to boost metabolism.

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Sheri Strykowski is a freelance journalist specializing in health, fitness and lifestyle. Her articles appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Lerner and National Security Council publications. Tell us all Metabolism Enhance Food in the comments below.