Medicinal diet for diabetic patients

Diabetes is a systemic disease caused by abnormal glucose metabolism, which is caused by absolute or relative lack of insulin secretion. Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the category of diabetes.

Diet regimen is especially important for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The occurrence of diabetes is related to diet, and the quality of diet control will directly affect the effect of treatment. The specific application should be rationally selected on the basis of discriminating physical quality, disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation.

Medicine diet for diabetic patients

Yin deficiency heat syndrome

The card shows polydipsia and polydipsia, drink with thirst, dry throat, eat more hunger, sputum red constipation, red tongue and less yellow moss, pulse slippery Or the number of strings, etc.

Therapeutic medicine good:

1. The staple food is mainly buckwheat flour; the non-staple food is melon, bitter gourd, alfalfa and green vegetables. .

2. Use yam, glutinous rice, add glutinous rice porridge.

3. You can usually use ebony, Ophiopogon japonicus, or Shiqi, Astragalus leaves to soak in water as tea.

 Medication diet for diabetic patients

qi and yin deficiency syndrome

See the lack of strength, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, increase the movement, dry mouth, drink more urine, five upset hot, constipation, waist and knees soft, pale tongue or red dark, scalloped tongue, thin tongue white Or less moss, weak pulse and so on.

Food Diet:

1. The staple food can be mainly soybeans, corn flour and so on. Non-staple foods are onions, lotus roots, tofu, carrots, cucumbers, etc.

2. American ginseng, Chinese yam, glutinous rice, glutinous rice porridge; or bitter gourd, lean pork cooking.

3. American ginseng, stone solution, drink water.

 Medication diet for diabetic patients

Yin and Yang deficiency syndrome

Certificate See fatigue and spontaneous sweating, cold limbs, weak waist and knees, dry ear, dry, polyuria, urinary turbidity similar to gypsum-like, or edema and oliguria, or five more diarrhea, impotence and premature ejaculation, pale tongue, white, pulse Shen Thin and so on.

Therapeutic Diet:

1. The staple food is mainly flour, beans, etc.; the non-staple food is yam, konjac, pumpkin, celery, Carrots, canola, and onions are the mainstays.

2. Cistanche, yam, and coix seed porridge.

3. You can usually use chrysanthemum tea to drink.

4. For type 2 diabetes patients with liver and kidney yin deficiency, the main manifestations are dizziness, eyes and dry eyes. You can use tea, mulberry leaves, and chrysanthemum to make tea together.