Map of cancer distribution in various provinces of China! Pay attention to high cancer areas

In China, there are about 3.12 million new cases of cancer every year, with an average of 8550 cases per day.

6 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, 5 people die of cancer, and the probability of cancer in each person’s life is 22%.

How far is cancer from you? Is your area high in cancer?

Cancer Distribution

Maps of Cancer Distribution in China's Provinces! Pay attention to high cancer areas

Among them, lung cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer are the cancers with the highest mortality.

 Cancer distribution maps in various provinces in China! Pay attention to high-incidence areas of cancer.

Although the cause of cancer is still unclear But there are some cancers that have clear incentives.

The high incidence of cancer is not only related to the increasingly serious environmental pollution, but also to the poor living and eating habits.

For example, patients with esophageal cancer mostly eat too fast, like to eat hot food.

What to prevent from cancer

1, spinach: lung cancer

Spinach contains multiple antibiotics Oxides help prevent cancer caused by free radical damage.

2, carrot: esophageal cancer

Carrot has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and it has preventive effects on esophageal cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer.

3. Garlic: Gastric cancer

People who eat raw garlic often have a very low incidence of gastric cancer. In addition, eating less pickled foods, smoked fish and grilled fish is also a good way to prevent stomach cancer.

6. White: Intestinal cancer

The white and celery foods are rich in fiber, which promotes the excretion of bile acids and is extremely effective in preventing colorectal cancer.

7, Soybean: Cervical cancer

It contains isoflavones and lignin, which are considered to have antioxidant effects and can reduce cervical cancer. Prevalence.