Making peace with the long game.

As a dedicated runner, the gym was simply a way of life for Daniel Haze. So when his health threw a curve and fell on drugs that slowed his metabolism, none of his usual weight maintenance approaches worked. Now, 35 pounds later, he is again capable and inspirational for his young son.


When you are an avid marathon, you expect your body to obey.

You make more miles every week. your body responds easily with improved care and endurance.

You dial up proteins and vegetables, your body pushes into attention with more muscle and less fat.

But in 2008, at the age of 38, the relationship of easy cause-and-effect, principal and servant Daniel Hayes had with his body suddenly reversed.

During training for his fifth marathon, Daniel, Chicago, Illinois began to feel like heartburn whenever his heart rate exceeded a certain point.

Knowing his body well enough to worry, he did a meeting with a cardiologist. The test revealed a problem that would change the course of his life: One of his arteries was 90 percent blocked.

If he did not catch it, Daniel's doctors said that his condition would result in a fatal heart attack.

Now with stent in two coronary arteries and with his own cardiac restoration, Daniel started to run well and began to run again. But his body was not the same.

"One of the unfortunate things is that I am putting a heavy dose of statins and beta-blocker, which actually slows my metabolism," says Daniel.

"I've gained about 30 pounds in the next 5 or 6 years only from the drugs alone."

Although he had years of experience maintaining a proper body, Daniel discovered that his tried and true strategies were no longer working. It was not just a struggle for his new health facts.

In addition, the time you could devote to computing a diet and physical approach that I will work was more limited than ever.

For one thing, Daniel spent a lot of time caring for his mother, struggling with dementia, and unfortunately eventually died in 2013.

Meanwhile, the company he worked for was redeemed and Daniel found himself dealing with the pressures and commitments that come when you know your job is on the rocks.

Fortunately, there was a bright spot: the birth of his first son. But, as every new parent discovers soon, caring for a young child is not usually increase the amount of time you can devote to nutrition and ability.

Daniel at his heaviest, the result of a slowing metabolism and many competitive priorities.

Though he continued to practice, Daniel no longer felt the right, healthy person he once was.

By 2015, as his weight did not fall from his new height of 238, it was clear to Daniel that he had to try something different. He could not wait for a quick recovery. this ship had sailed.

"I just looked at myself and said," I've done something about it. I have to be healthy. Especially for my wife and son. "

Enter Coaching Nutrition Precision.

Daniel realized that in order to lose weight in a way that would work with his medications, his health history and his demanding life, he would need some help.

So he explored the nutrition training options on the internet and he liked what he read about the PN custom approach.

He has to "meet himself where he was" and focus on sustainable practices rather than short-term hacks.

So he dug the habits of the PN program and gradually changed his approach to food.

One of the biggest changes? Eating at 80% full – a life-long "anchor" practice that helps you reconnect with your metabolism and hunger slogans.

Daniel realized he was accustomed to feeling completely stuffed after meals.

"My parents grew up during depression and I think they come from my habits," explains Daniel. "You have to finish everything on your plate, nothing could be lost, I grew up with this mentality, so it was hard to break."

After a year in the program, Daniel had added muscle mass (and a lot of strength), and lost about 12 pounds of body fat. In addition, by trying out activities he had not done before, he learned to think of movement and exercise as enjoyable and not as an obligation.

But the biggest transformation after this first year? The depth of his self-awareness.

A slowed metabolism combined with the deep clean habits of your plate does not solve the night. So six months after completing the program, Daniel realized he lost his support and accountability to having a nutrition coach.

Daniel knew that he had a more healthy habit to do, and more weight he wanted to lose. He was on a longer journey than he had understood – and that was fine.

Daniel completed this second year feeling more earthy than ever and could not resist the desire to sign a third round. To date, he has lost nearly 35 pounds.

Daniel trained for a training of several months on his PN trip.

The strategy embraced by Daniel with great success: playing the long game.

Just like marathon training, sustainable eating habits and fitness habits that make sense for complex health and life conditions often require time and repetition.

"It takes a little time for someone to enter the state they are in, so it will take them a while to get out of it," says Daniel. "It's not going to happen overnight."

Now, even when life throws its distinctive challenges to Daniel – these days, it's usually in the form of a busy schedule or they have to travel to work – he knows he can rely on his newly created healthy habits.

"At least, I know I can always eat slowly and eat at 80 percent, and I can usually fit in some quick weight-training exercises." These well-known practices keep me on track even when life is crazy.

Another Advantage of Long Game: You have the resilience to understand that your health and weight can absorb inevitable nutrition and physical condition "bugs".

"Be patient," says Daniel. "Be patient with the process and be patient with yourself, you get it day by day, these small, gradual changes that bring you to your goal."

"Sometimes you will eat or drink too much. Instead of being really hard for yourself, you can just say," You know what, life is happening, tomorrow is a new day. "

Most importantly, Daniel knows that his new long-term habits make him a better model for his son.

At the beginning of the first year of PN coaching, as he dreamed of making himself the healthy man he once was, Daniel envisioned martial arts … to keep up with his young son, who was an enthusiastic karate since then. years.

The moment Daniel realized he had enough confidence to start taking the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he knew he had "done it".

Daniel after a jiu jitsu spar with his young son.

"Now when my son sees me doing martial arts, he wants to do more and I'm proud of it."

Daniel's son is very excited about finding a worthy rival boxer.

Daniel laughs, "He's a kid, but I'm his bag. He thinks I'm indestructible."

You want to overcome the help yours health and fitness?

Most people I know that regular movement, good consumption, sleep and stress management are important for appearance and better sensation. However, they need help applying this knowledge in their busy, sometimes stressful life.

Over the past 15 years, we have used Coaching Nutrition Precision to help over 100,000 customers I lose fat, Be stronger, and to improve their health… for the long-term … regardless of the challenges they face.

It is also the reason why we work with health, fitness and wellness professionals (through Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Programs) to teach them how to train their clients through the same challenges.

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