Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, don’t ask the West!

What You Love

Love you Love, do what you do, listen to your heart, don't ask West!

Director: Li Fangfang


At the beginning of the new year, with the holidays and the Spring Festival, the long-awaited people will be integrated into nature, and they will be interested in the beauty of the mountains and lakes; or invite three or five friends to have a drink. Enjoy the beauty of gathering together in laughter and laughter; or walk into the theater, enjoy the magical charm of light and shadow, and experience the world of life in the ups and downs of the plot.

In recent days, a film called “Nothing to Ask about West” has been talked about. It is based on stories from three different generations. It tells how generations of people wrote. A youthful chapter of yourself that is passionate, or savvy, or persistent, or explored. As a literary film with a small theme, it has conquered countless audiences with meticulous emotions and touching plots. It has achieved good box office results, and its popularity in Weibo, WeChat, and friends is also high. The word “satisfaction and call” is a good reputation.

Love what you love, do what you do, listen Your heart, no question to the West!

Be a hero, not a young man.


So, why is such a film that doesn’t have a grand scene and dazzling special effects, so popular in the audience? The reason is that it touches people’s deepest understanding of life, dreams, youth, and the deepest resonance. Although the characters in the film are in different years, some encounter the baptism of artillery and fire, some have experienced the special years of the old and new, some have grown up in the business era, and in their youth, there have been or Hardships, struggles, or embarrassing mental journeys, but they ended up with no choices, and made life choices that followed the heart, finally dreamed, and had no regrets. As stated in the film, don’t give up thinking about yourself and being true to yourself.

If you know the life you are facing in advance, I wonder if you will have the courage to come.


Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, don't ask West!

At the end of the film, there is a line that is thought-provoking: “Love your place.” Love, do what you do, listen to your heart, don’t ask about the West.” This is what the film describes, the most touching charm of life and youth, and in the building materials information, this is also everyone’s unwavering Faith and perseverance. Numerous Chinese building materials information people here, experienced, or are experiencing their youthful years, because they are valuable, so cherish, they love this group, and their own growth and collective glory. With hard will, strong faith, persistent pursuit, and no regrets, they wrote a youth prelude with different contents, different melody, but equally touching.


When you are confused, believe in your preciousness.

Love what you love, do what you do, listen Your heart, no matter what the West!

The life of the building materials information is intense and heavy, no matter what position or position, every day is faced with intensive tasks Pressure, even unexpected unexpected situations, problems are constantly and challenging; however, the life of China Building Materials Information People is also positive and optimistic, no matter how severe the situation, heavy pressure, and difficult problems, they all With skillful professional skills, rich professional experience, uncompromising willpower quality, and team spirit to work together, we can solve the problem and fight one after another beautiful business battle.

The reason why youth is precious is that it is the only thing that can’t be copied. Only the true inner strength, the warrior of life, dare to take responsibility, dare to challenge, and walk out of the “three thousand miles of water-smashing, confident life.” The youthful road of two hundred years, the charm of life is also here. Strive to build hope, use hard work to weave dreams, have sunshine, fear of wind and rain; only explore the road ahead, no matter what the West!