Love what you love, do what you do, listen to your heart, don’t ask about the West

Recently shocked by the movie “Nothing to Ask about West”, here is the monologue at the end of the film:

Seeing and hearing, often You are depressed, the secular is so powerful, powerful enough that you can’t give birth to the idea of ​​changing them. However, if you have the opportunity to get to know your life in advance, knowing that youth is only these days, I wonder if you will care about it. Those things that the world makes you care about, such as how much you have, are more glorious and have what you have to be loved. When you grow up, you will be delighted by the green shoots, and will cheer for the rising sun, and will give others goodwill and warmth, but they will always forget their preciousness while praising other lives. . May you remember your preciousness and resist evil when you are being attacked. May you believe in your preciousness, love your love, do what you do, listen to your heart, and ask the West.

Love what you love, do what you do, listen Your heart, no question to the West

There is a question in the film: If you understand the life you have to face in advance, will you still have the courage to come?

Every time I think about this problem, I will unconsciously ask myself. If I understand the life I have to face in advance, will I still have the courage to come and answer yes?

I was given to my parents by my biological parents when I was born. I am now my father and mother. They can be my grandparents, even older than their grandparents. Every time I am Dad went to school to find me, the classmates would say: XX, your grandfather is coming, I will whisper that it is my dad, after my dad left, I will spend a day in the eyes of the students surprised. Maybe it will be very painful to children when they are old, but they still have two sons, who are much older than me. I have experienced domestic violence, embarrassment, and spent my childhood in inferiority and sensitivity.

In junior high school, there was a white boy who confessed to me. At that time, I liked to be with him. I felt very good when I sat there and didn’t talk. Later I realized that it was like. But at that time, my parents and I said that it was forbidden to love early love. It was a shame to fall in love in junior high school, so I gradually alienated him. Fearless and brave? I don’t think I have it.

Love what you love, do what you do, listen Your heart, no question to the West

Because the environment in which I am living is not enough for my educational resources, so I have not enough knowledge, and I only take it in high school. A public school (the worst school in the county), but I will compare with those who have not been admitted to high school and can only be high school. After all, I was admitted to high school. This may be the mentality of the weak. When I was in the third year of liberal arts and sciences, I listened to the number and rationalization of the student number. When I traveled all over the world, I chose a science class. I didn’t analyze whether it was right for me at all. As it turns out, science is not for me, because I finally got a college.

Love what you love , do what you do, listen to your heart, do not ask the West

Fill in the volunteers to listen to the cousin who is already at work, reported to the e-commerce profession, whenever someone asks What do you learn, I said e-commerce, others immediately returned to the home electronics factory salary is quite high, good. I will patiently explain it at first, but I will not explain it later, because no one understands it. For me, the choice of e-commerce has only begun to let me learn to lose the family earlier. I gradually came into contact with the media to open another world. I originally liked this industry.

I have been graduating for nearly two years, and I began to think about a question. Should I go to my biological parents, I want to find it and I don’t want to find it. I want to find it because I feel that I have never even known who my biological parents are. It is a very sad thing. I don’t want to find it because I feel that parenting is greater than blood. Colleagues are old and sick. The state, then I will have a burden for no reason. These two thoughts fight in the sea, there is no win or loss, no ending. Not forgetting your heart? I don’t think I have it.

Now I am holding about 3,000 or so salary, living a life that I don’t want, not just who said it. The result is now determined by the previous choices. The choice now. It also determines the path behind life. I am fortunate to have seen the movie “Nothing to ask about the West” when I was confused. I don’t forget my heart, I have to always be; I am always easy to keep, I will always hold it, I will hold it.

Attach a friend saying:

The majority of people in the world have to bow to the world and have to make choices for life, thus having to Give up the truth and passion that was once. However, you have to admit that the world is so big, people are so different; there are always a small number of people who have always adhered to their own beliefs, followed their own hearts and never gave up. Those who can really change the world will be such people. Therefore, instead of questioning the truth of others, it is better to try to live your life better.

PS: The foster mother is not very good to me, but the adoptive father is better for me than the relatives, although I don’t know if my relatives are like me~~~(manual face)