Livestock "Carnitas"

What you see here is an excellent, rich, winter-filled pot. It is simple to pull together the smell of garlic and herbs roasted together with cedar beans, roasted tomatoes and golden mushrooms once and for all in the oven to bring neighbors out of the pavement. You should do it a.s.a.p!

I found the recipe deep behind Rancho Gordo vegetarian cuisine cookbook – (Rancho Gordo forever here). The technique for cooking mushrooms is part of what caught my attention. You can cook the mushrooms in quite a bit of liquid and then allow them to cook in the remaining fat (olive oil) after the liquid has evaporated. The technique is like carnitas, the classic Mexican pork dish. Hence the title of the recipe. But, of course, unlike traditional preparation, cooking with mushrooms makes it a vegetarian dish. Carnitas Casserole Heritage Beans and Mushrooms

Choosing the right beans

The recipe falls under Dark and fruit beans the book chapter and the eye of the beans, or other coffee beans are what is recommended. Having said that, many, many kinds of beans could work here. I went a little rogue and used some beautiful Rancho Gordo yellow eye beans. It is creamy, melted and mild. They take the juicy casserole juices nicely. I also love the way the beans, in particular, hold their marks. Beyond these suggestions, I imagine using some creamy white bean would be good here too – for example, Alubia Blanca, or Marcella. And, if you only have canned beans in hand – that's fine! Drain them, rinse them, use them!
Carnitas Casserole Heritage Beans and Mushrooms

Cook the mushrooms

I just wanted to leave a visual reference here. This is what mushrooms look like when I take them out of the fire. And now that I'm looking, I could go even further. Do you see how nice the browns are on the edges? This is what you are following. Then add all the other ingredients in the same pan (bottom), give everything a good stir, add a piece of cheese and pop it into the oven. I have pinched the original recipe a bit before you can go from oven to oven in a pot (reflected below), and hit the amount up to half because this pot is popular and going fast.

Carnitas Casserole Heritage Beans and Mushrooms


Here are some ways you could build on this idea!

With Breadcrumbs: Toss 1 cup of chopped bread with an olive oil and sprinkle on top of the bean mixture before baking.

Breakfast pot: Make three choices in the bean-mushroom mixture before baking, break one egg in each of the cavities and bake until the eggs are set and the bean mixture gushes.

Carnitas Casserole Heritage Beans and Mushrooms