Liver – with these symptoms, hurry to check

This week we talked about the liver, which is divided into five sections. What is introduced today is what happens when the liver is sick.

Liver - hurry to check with these symptoms

In general, women’s liver is not well characterized by endocrine disorders, rough skin, dark complexion, and some women may have irregular menstruation. If the condition continues to develop, there will be many symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, frequent insomnia, and even pain in the liver area. In general, there are the following points.

1, women’s menstruation will be disordered, liver blood deficiency caused by menstrual loss, severe cases of amenorrhea, uterine ovarian atrophy symptoms.

2, the face reflected. Look at the face first on the forehead, there will be acne on the forehead, large pores, etc. Secondly, look at the skin and eyes, when the liver is not good, the skin will appear white, black, bright eyes appear dry, can not see clearly, indicating the liver area Insufficient blood supply, imbalance of eye nutrition, yellowing of the eyes (especially the sclera).

Liver - with these symptoms, hurry to check

3, a woman’s life with blood as the weight, the liver has hematopoiesis, storage, regulation of blood volume and the function of transporting blood to various organs, as well as the function of decomposing nutrients, regulating hormones, etc. The liver is also the strongest detoxification and detoxification system and nutrient delivery system in the human body, nourishing the organs of women. If the liver can not complete these tasks, it will lead to secretion disorders, blood and blood, menstruation will be disordered, liver blood deficiency caused by menstrual flow, severe amenorrhea, uterine ovarian atrophy symptoms.

The symptoms of men’s liver are not good:

1, long-term nasal red. If the liver can decline and the hormones in the body are in a disordered state, it will easily cause the capillaries at the nose to expand, causing the nose to be red.

2, drinking is easy to get drunk. Since alcohol enters the human body, it is necessary for the liver to function and decompose acetaldehyde (alcohol metabolite) to avoid drunkenness. Therefore, if the liver function is not good, the human body is prone to drunk after drinking.

Liver - hurry to check with these symptoms

3, acne. When the liver function is weakened, the liver cannot normally destroy the corpus luteum hormone. The greater the number of luteal hormones, the higher the amount of sebum secretion, resulting in increased acne.

4, his face is black. Under normal circumstances, the liver has a certain amount of iron storage. However, when the liver cells are damaged, the iron will flow from the liver to the blood vessels, causing the face to become dark. Males and women with amenorrhea are more likely to have this condition.

5, wounds purulent. If a wound appears in the body and the wound becomes susceptible to bacterial infection, a purulent condition may occur, which is likely to be a poor performance of the liver. This is because the liver is not good, and its detoxification function is also weakened, and bacteria are easy to take advantage of. In addition, the liver can not affect the regeneration function of the skin.

6, easy to get tired. The most obvious feeling of the liver is fatigue, but this tired sleep can not be solved, people can not find the reason. The main reason for people with poor liver function is that the liver cells are damaged, and the enzymes such as serum transaminase can be increased, while the cholinesterase is decreased, which is characterized by fatigue, tiredness, and sleepiness.

Liver - with these symptoms, hurry to check

Everyday you need to pay attention to the conditioning of liver function, and in daily life, you should pay attention to reasonable health care to avoid causing your own health to be harmed. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the male body. Change so as not to cause more impact. Usually men must pay attention to liver conditioning, pay attention to rest. Tomorrow we will continue to talk about the complications of liver disease.

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