Liver disease does not hurt early in the early stage, if there are these four symptoms to check

The liver does not “cream”. The liver is one of the important organs of the human body. It is an internal organ after all. We can’t go to the hospital every time to check, but once it is found, most of it shows. All are in advanced stages of liver disease. So we can use the signals transmitted by the body to help us determine whether the organs are healthy. Conversely, if these signals appear, it will represent your needs to raise the liver.

1, the surface of the nail is uneven

The main rib of the liver, the nail is part of the “rib”, so through the accumulation of toxins in the liver, some changes will occur in our nail shape, such as convex Out, depression, etc.

2, liver disease face

If a person has dark complexion, brown forehead on the forehead, nose, and cheeks, it may be chronic liver disease. The face is sallow, the skin is rough, and it is also the face of liver disease. People with liver disease will have facial features that change. This kind of performance is often referred to as the face of liver disease.

 Liver disease does not hurt early in the early stages, if you have these four symptoms to check

3, “red nose “

is the expansion of the telangiectus in the nose. Although the “red nose” is not necessarily caused by liver damage, women are prone to “red nose” when liver function is reduced and hormones are disordered. When you get liver disease, not only will your nose turn red, but many people will even have a bright red face!

4, right upper quadrant pain or total abdominal pain, more painful when hand pressure

If this symptom occurs, there may be bacterial peritonitis, which is one of the dangerous complications. The toxins produced by the bacteria can destroy the liver cells and increase the consumption of the patient’s physical energy. When our body has the above symptoms, we must be vigilant. Usually drink some foods that protect the liver and nourish the stomach, prevent liver diseases from some small details in life, and make our body healthier!

 Liver disease does not hurt early in the early stage, if there are these four symptoms to check

Chinese medicine believes that the liver The blood is hidden and the liver is vented. Raise the liver, the blood can be sufficient and smooth, the skin will be rosy. If the liver is unhealthy, it can’t detoxify and hematopoietic in time. It is reflected on the human skin, which is dull and pigmented. It is important to protect your liver if you want good skin.