“Live a smile every day” is my tattoo domineering? !

1. On the way home, I put a stinky fare on the car. I habitually looked around, frowned and pinched my nose. The wife on the side was furious: “Pack! You are still loaded! I will sit next to you for four years in college. Every time you fart, you are like this. It hurts the students to think that it is the stinky fare I put! Now we are three people, you Who to look for? Do you want to watch it for a son who is less than one year old?!”

My tattoo Domineering?

2. A woman went to the convenience store to buy Yima towel, and saw that the clerk was a handsome guy, and then teased: “Handsome guy, buy this, do you deliver it?”

The handsome guy looked up and said: “Send, send I am also responsible for installing !”

3. “University class reunion, mainly the rich people bragging together;

And like the poor, I can’t even receive the party notice, because the phone is in arrears.”

” You can rest assured that the rich will find ways to find you, or who will they brag to whom?”

Is there such a good thing? Give me a dozen!

4. Remember that our chemistry teacher inspired students to remember the metal activity sequence. The original table is: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum; zinc, iron, tin, lead, hydrogen; copper, mercury, silver, platinum, gold… Because it is too difficult to back, he taught students to recite a mouth: marry, Give, that, beauty, female; body, body, fine, fiber, light; total, total, one, hundred, pound. Now our entire class is back.

Let’s fall in love! Can’t you be serious?

5. People who like to chat with you half go to take a bath, do not see a reply for a long time, you may think, he is estimated to be forgotten after the shower, or I am too important, he and I chat It’s going to be beautifully dressed. Don’t look for reasons to lie to yourself, he just drowned in the toilet!