Like it every day! My good mother-in-law

Too many bad mother-in-laws, too many bad mother-in-laws bullying the news of our daughters occupy our horizons. The following small series gives you a different point, maybe the good mother-in-law is someone else’s home?

“My mother-in-law, when I was a month, asked me what I wanted to eat, and asked me when I bought food. The clothes were washed by her. At night, I took my baby to sleep, she I am not used to sleeping with others. She and her husband take care of me. There is no way I don’t have a mother’s pain. God cares for me, let me meet a good family wife, give me a feeling of maternal love, I want to say to my mother, mother you It’s hard. I must be filial to you”

Daily A praise! My good mother-in-law

“My mother-in-law is not around, I sent a few chickens to me three months pregnant and sent me the dishes I like, and also sent The dim sum cereal is afraid that I will not eat on time, my husband is not looking for it, I don’t know, my mother-in-law is not bad.

“Two babies were born to take care of the month, wash the doll, although with the boss At the time, I also had some experience, but my mother-in-law still didn’t worry about letting me get it alone. Now the second child is a daughter. Her old family prefers it. I am at home and she won’t let me give my daughter a rush. , bathing, all of her old hands are hands-on! Although there are still some small squabbles in the past, but her old age is so big that she can help me with the children, thank you very much!”

A daily praise! My good mother-in-law

“I am fine, but I am a man who does not like to eat big fish and big meat. I sleep until 12 o’clock every day in the month. My mother is not happy when I cook in the morning and asks me to eat. I told my husband not to shout. I have always got up at noon. I especially like to drink melon pork soup in the month. The taste is very refreshing. I did not eat all kinds of fish soup chicken soup. I don’t remember the two-day melon soup and another cooking. It seems like a pregnant woman in the month, what kind of greasy do not dare to touch, even eat a month of winter melon soup and cooking, my mother-in-law was picked up by me, anyway, what do I say, my mother-in-law is not angry, just want to die my mother cooked The pork greens egg noodles, I am sorry to say that we have to eat a meal on this side, my wife I don’t understand, big fish and big meat are waiting for you, better than my husband, haha”

A daily praise! My good mother-in-law

“In the month, the caesarean section stayed in the hospital for a week, and the mother-in-law scrubbed the lower body and washed her face. More than a hundred times stronger than my husband, that is, not to eat a meal of egg noodles every day, mother-in-law said that there is nutrition, but also to stew soup, anyway, egg noodles must eat every day.