Life is close, natural joy: 1971 pig people, not a long life, don’t be embarrassed!

Life is a journey, life is the process of it, over the mountains, or wading in the boat, everything depends on itself. Walking in the hustle and bustle of life, you don’t have to carry too much burden on yourself, and you can walk more easily. Some gains don’t necessarily last long; some losers don’t necessarily have to. The important thing is: let the heart learn to dance in the sun; let the soul learn to smile in pain.

Life with the edge, the natural heart: the pig in 1971, not a long life, don't be embarrassed!

What was born in 1971?

The pigs born in 1971 are Xinhai pigs, and the five elements belong to the gold. They belong to the pigs in the circle. Most of the pigs born this year are people with a strong sense of righteousness, gentle and kind, helping others, and not causing trouble. Pepsi seeks peace and quiet, and the mind is sensitive and versatile. I am just straight, the money is good, the six parents are alienated, and they are self-reliant. Starting from scratch, creating a family business. The evening scene is rich and rich, the female host is cheerful and lively, and the heart is straightforward, the relationship is good, and the family is prosperous and enjoys the life of Fushou.

The pigs are born with good fortune, whether it is positive or partial. With our own efforts and the opportunity to seize good opportunities in a timely manner, money will continue to flow, and life will be safe. Boaring selfless pigs treat family members or friends, even strangers do not appear embarrassed, like to share with others. But sometimes it is too naive to become a victim of those who are treacherous, and it is easy to lose money. When you are in trouble, you have to think more, think better, and learn to distinguish between others.

 Life is close, natural joy: the pig in 1971, not a long life, don't be embarrassed!

Zodiac pigs began to bid farewell to bad luck in September, bitter sweetness, good luck is coming

The zodiac pig is in the 2018 “sea water encounter dry soil”, the beginning is not smooth There is more than enough strength. Before April, there was a feeling of life that could not be used. The wealth was not satisfactory. Even if there was a small fortune, it was opened in September, and the fortune came. It was a pig-like temper, and liked to live at your own pace. Good luck came. At that time, the easy-going temper will not only delay your own future, but also make bold progress. It will last for 8 months, starting in September, and it will be sweet!

The Zodiac pigs were judged by the “right-handed” Ji Xing blessing in early September. Due to the influence of good luck, it is expected to change the wealth of the last month, and the life is still dull. At that time, the fortune is superior. The road is full of good luck and it is rolling in, and the people gather. At the same time, for some of the zodiac pigs, although the business has frustrated, but through their own thinking, they want to know what they want, and work hard with good luck. Within a few years, the cause is steadily rising.

 Life is close, natural joy: the pig in 1971, not a long life, don't be embarrassed!

People who are good will have a blessing, and there are pigs and pigs with good luck.

People born in the Year of the Pig, the five elements have the help of the sea, often the favor of the God of Wealth Even if they do, they will face many challenges and pressures in their early years. However, the zodiac pigs can maintain a peaceful attitude, face them with ease, and win the valuables. With the increase of age, often at the age of forty-five, the zodiac pigs successfully won the favor of the god of wealth and obtained the opportunity of transshipment. From then on, the rich and the prosperous, the good luck came to the door, and the blessings of the old age could not be enjoyed.

Good-hearted people will never be too bad, because while they are helping others, they are actually helping themselves, accumulating a full blessing for themselves, bringing more to themselves. For a smooth life. People who are pigs are humble and friendly. They treat their friends better. They can’t always see a lot of poor things. They always treat everyone with a true sense of truth. In life, people who are pigs are very enthusiastic. As long as they see someone who needs help, they will do everything they can to help others. Therefore, people who belong to pigs are very blessed in their lives. There are no shortage of noble people around them, so that their life path will be smoother.

 Life is close, natural joy: the pig in 1971, not a long life, don't be embarrassed!

The master reminds the 71-year-old pig people to open the kit in the second half of the year:

“All things are life, a little bit of people”, the pigs need to know people. How wide is the heart, how wide the stage of life is. If you can’t break the barriers in your heart, you can’t find the feeling of freedom even if you give the whole world. The persistence of life is the persistence of learning. Despite the hardships, we are able to grow up again and again and climb again. This is the life of struggle. Overall, the “fortune” of the pigs is very good. It depends on whether you will seize the opportunity, think twice before you go, and get along with others to bring “sleekness”. Good luck will come to you. . (It is recommended that pigs can try to wear their own accessories when transporting in the next half year, which can suppress their own “heart fire” and help you to meet more people in the second half of the year, far from the villain, the cause is smooth, everything is safe.”

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