Last year, my parents spent more than 100,000 to buy health care products.

People to middle age, half a hundred, the hair starts to sneak white, white hair does not need to be pulled, because it can not be finished. My parents, two elderly people in their 70s, have a small amount of black hair in their white hair and don’t need to dye it.

Going to the supermarket with my mother, walking distance of more than 600 meters, she turned away from the evacuation team of several of us! Quickly stepped forward and pulled back, she was a little shy: “I thought it would be a turn!”

Mom is really old! The road that has lived for more than 20 years will be wrong! This is really worrying!

Dad did not go the wrong way, but ran wildly on the road of health care, and could not pull back.

My mom and dad have always lived in separate rooms. The mother took a granddaughter to live in, and the father lived alone in the master bedroom with a bathroom and a side balcony. The master bedroom is not too small, but into the room, there is a feeling of entering the warehouse, so to speak, on the three sides of the big bed, only the ground that leads to the balcony is normal, the foot of the bed and the sides of the window, the ground stacks up Everything more than a meter high, from the foot of the bed to the window, the width of one foot can only be squatted.

“These are all swearing? Is it stock?!” I ridiculed my father.

Dad 76 has a technical meal for the rest of his life. It is definitely not a business to do business. Of course, I know what this pile is, but it is beyond my expectation.

The news on TV as a news broadcast also happened to my home!

The old people on TV spent more than 300,000, and the family is a variety of souvenirs that are piled up like mountains: gold coins, silver coins, what coins, coins, Changbai old ginseng, etc. After the gold coins and silver coins were pinched off, they were identified by the authoritative organization as gold and silver plating of alloy materials.

My father’s baby in this room, he proudly told me to extend 2 fingers, these, probably spent 150,000 a year!

I didn’t go home often in the field. Just now, Dad went back and forth to his room several times to get the baby to show me. The family said that the old man’s temper is always strange, and the door is not pleasant to enter, and the hygiene is done by himself. Today is happy, this made me enter the tour.

I wasn’t shocked, just laughing and gonna nodded with my father’s words. Dad opened the closet door and pointed at it: “I smoked two packs of cigarettes. It’s also good. You don’t buy it next time, it’s a waste of money.”

I just gave my father two Smoke, about three hundred is a sign that he likes to get used to. Before I bought China, he said that it hurts. I also feel bad, business is difficult to do big expenses, but not the province’s filial money.

This old man spent 150,000 to buy a bunch of sundries for saving money. I can only calm my face and say: “Poor smoke hurts the lungs! Don’t save money, I buy! But the smoke can’t be pumped more, and the smoke is more.” Dad was a little moved, nodded um.

People are like children, it is a summary of wisdom.

I saw elderly parents who often quarreled when they were young. Now they always have business and quantity and go in and out together.

They are now going to a meeting, listening to classes, health care, and often returning from the health care company to eat all kinds of foods in a lot of ways.

They remember our children: this treatment for constipation to you, that freckle to her, this treatment of myopia to grandchildren, this is goat milk powder, better than milk, often drink hands and feet are not cold; this contains what Fill your eyes, look at the phone every day, pay attention. . . . .

The jade bed that was queued for two hours in the company for two hours, finally moved back home! Three thousand eight!

We are very incompetent, as small as a Cordyceps sinensis in the glass bottle of the thumb, or a piece of deer essence, up to one meter eight solid wood jade bed, the flowers are the parents’ own pension. a!

The thick dark blue cotton vest worn by Dad and the bodhi necklace on his neck are all rewarded by the company. Going out to go shopping, I have to go to the counter to ask what the value of wood is, because there is a string of wooden bracelets in the house, which is said to be worth nine thousand, the company rewards.

I took the set of Hetian jade tea set with the certificate of identification, and explained to my dad: Although the white oily luster looks like Hetian jade, do you see bubbles? It may be glass fired. Hetian original stone digs out a few tea bowls, how can the value be given as a gift? If you like it, just use it and use it casually. There is no need to keep the glass. But Dad still put the tea bowl back in the bright yellow gift box, Zheng replayed back to the pile. As the eye was, an old ginseng was next to it.

Dad was the science and engineering in the early 1960s. College students, he can understand what I mean by many.

There is no end to it, the usual diligent parents seem to be the big boss under the company’s education, and the six thousand sets of health kits can I took a few sets at a time, and the photo of the company’s tourist photos was also sent by the big boss. The old man’s suit was surrounded by a group of people, both men and women, all of them are about 30 years old, and they are treated with the help of the whole people. My parents are very happy!

Maybe, this is the importance that our children and children can’t give! We can take care of our parents, but we never hold them. The young is refuting the adulthood.

Mom is as good as ever. Because of the care of the family, the mother went to the meeting a little less, and did not like to wear jewelry, saying that it is not convenient to work. But the mother’s illness is more, the company’s products Can restore her health, from Xilaijian, potentiometer, etc., more than ten years ago. Jade bed, Guilong creams, always full of praise

Yesterday, the younger brother’s wife called urgent tone:. “Mom and took five thousand in cash to go to the company to pay.

I asked: “Who is the money?” Your money?

The younger brother-in-law replied slyly: “How can I have money?” It is her own. ”

“For her money, let her decide for herself.” She likes it. I am busy, first hang up”

Parents are healthy as long as they are happy! As for the value is not worth, is the spiritual care more valuable? Going to the meeting, they will enter the old university! Just accept VlP senior services! Use their own savings to make people happy!

They all have pensions, and now the country prosperously gives preferential treatment to the elderly, and the country rises every year. Let them be happy in their old age. But it is not easy to support the elderly. It is not easy to prevent people from cheating. It is not easy!

It is us, we are not taking care of ourselves, we can’t support our parents, we must support our children. Education spending, no pension, no rent, unstable work, difficult business, how about going to our own old-age life? Now we are not trying to break through the changes, fearing that after 20 years, we are not as good as our parents. There is no equivalent to the current two or three hundred thousand yuan for children to let outsiders lie. The parents spent ten last year Million to buy health supplies