Last-night red lasagne (evening-friendly)

Everyone needs a lasagna recipe. A large. And, here's the thing, making lasagne does not have to be a matter all day. this is one true weekly night lasagna. No pre-cooked sauces, no pasta. You, literally, stir the first five ingredients together in a live tomato sauce and start straining. It is also not a cheese bomb. I'm trying to keep things light here. It is the rare lasagna that is undoubtedly healthy enough to do once a week, and still feels like it works to your advantage. Very light on the cheese front, but still bears the lasagna mark. Is it served next to a good salad? It's nice compensation, with little effort.

Latest red lasagna recipe

A few lasagne tips

Some relevant tips. If you encounter fresh pasta sheets, store them. You can freeze them, and then you have them at your disposal. Alternatively, if fresh pasta are hard to find where you are, store them in lasagna without dough (whole wheat, if possible). These are what I meet where I live. It's hard to do the mental jump that will work. It seems impossible because they are dense, cracked, and … do not boil! But I am always pleasantly surprised. Try them!

Latest red lasagna recipe

Tasty variations

The last thing! Sometimes I pour the red tomato sauce with curry powder and a great compression of fresh orange juice for a fun twist – I will notice that the variation in the recipe below. I will also note a variation that completely neglects the dairy. If you use egg noodles, it is a good vegan version.