LaCroix denies that it contains insect "goat insecticide" Extra creamy

As the advertising campaign around LaCroix Sparkling Water has grown over the years, part of the intrigue is the mystery: How they pack so much flavor in these cans while preserving their claim for "100% natural, calorie-free, sugar-free , Free, without artificial sweeteners ". Despite the repeated questions, the beverage brand has remained intransigent. But a new trial claiming that LaCroix may have another good reason to keep the mouth shut: Flavored sparkling water may not be as healthy as it claims.

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Earlier this week, Beaumont Costales, a law firm, has filed a lawsuit in the Illinois Cook District against La Beaux-based National Beverage Corporation claiming that the trademark makes "false claims that are" natural "and" 100% natural."

"LaCroix has made a huge increase in popularity in recent years due to the likely increase in American consumer demand for healthier food and beverage choices." National Beverage Corporation recorded sales growth from $ 646 million in 2015 to $ 827 million in 2017 "writes Beaumont Costales, announcing the costume. "However, LaCroix contains real ingredients that have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration as being synthetic, these chemicals including limonene, which can cause renal toxicity and tumors, linalool propionate, used to treat cancer. and linalool, which is used in cockroach insecticides ".

Even more disappointing, the law firm suggests that "LaCroix and National Beverage are aware of the chemical substances contained in LaCroix that cause water and yet deliberately mislead consumers to believe that LaCroix is ​​natural to promote sales of the product ".

As would be expected, National Beverage immediately sent out its own statement that it "categorically accuses all claims by calling the lawsuit" false, defamatory and deliberate to deliberately harm the National Drink and its shareholders. "

"The natural flavors of LaCroix come from the natural essence oils from the so-called fruit used in every taste." There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained or added to these flavors, "explains the company at its distillery. spirits contained in LaCroix are certified by our suppliers as being 100% natural. The trial does not support her false statements about LaCroix ingredients. "

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In the defense of National Beverage, Beaumont Costales' statement only states that their findings were obtained through "trials".

The lawsuit, filed for Lenora Rice and those who bought LaCroix under false pretenses, wants LaCroix to change its mark and promote it as it seeks an unrequited amount of compensation.

Meanwhile, National Beverage wrote that "it will vigorously pursue real and punitive damages among other therapies by all those involved in the publication of these defamatory hallucinations."

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