Kombucha Dark and stormy

Classic cocktail enthusiasts may want to look away. This is my take on the Bermuda Dark n & # 39; Stormy cocktail (which is a trademark of Gosling rum and the spicy ginger beer). I love a dark n & # 39; Stormy – it's refreshing, easy to drink, simple to do, and just as delicious on a beach or in an urban bar. They like summer and they like it now. Kombucha Dark and stormy cocktail recipe

My little pinch

Some time back I stopped using ginger beer and switched to kombucha. And not just some kombucha, now I make them with the spikuest kombucha ginger I can find, bonus points if I can find the ginger-Red pepper variety. Extremely tasty. To make the drink, take a dip in a dark, tasty rum and unlock it with kombucha (or ginger beer if you want to play it straight). Anyway, I thought it would be a great Halloween cocktail to try – because, well, the name. But also, because it's a cocktail everyone loves!

Kombucha Dark and stormy cocktail recipe

A variation

I'll throw an optional wildcard here, just because we have a makrut lime producer. You can paint the rum with a pair of lime leaves (for five minutes or so), and flavors the rum thin. Many bartenders are offering Dark n & # 39; Stormy cocktails with a bright spoon of fresh lime juice. This adds another layer. So, to make this version, inject the rum and then proceed with the recipe as written.

Kombucha Dark and stormy cocktail recipe