Jealousy promotes sleep, promotes sleep, and promotes sleep!

Can’t sleep? Let’s be jealous. When you have a bad sleep or have mild symptoms of insomnia, jealousy can be solved. This is not a joke. Both Chinese medicine and Western medicine believe that jealousy can stabilize mood, promote sleep, and improve sleep. Why is jealousy promoting sleep? What kind of vinegar should I eat to improve my sleep? How to eat vinegar to improve sleep?

salvation promotes sleep, promotes sleep, promotes sleep!

Chinese and Western medicine treats vinegar and sleep like this

Many people will feel nervous when they encounter important things, even I don’t think about tea and sleep at night. In fact, if you can use the vinegar at home, you can solve these tensions.

“Long-term stress, not only will lead to tension fatigue, but also develop tension sleep disorders.” Xiong Xinying, deputy director of the Department of Neurology, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said that the occurrence of stress fatigue is mainly In an emergency, when the human body reacts to physiological conditions, it will produce a large amount of lactic acid and even form accumulation. Once a large amount of lactic acid accumulates, it will cause the nerves of the brain to be stimulated and cause tension fatigue, which can easily lead to sleep. obstacle.

Acetic acid not only effectively inhibits the production of lactic acid, but also accelerates the oxidation of lactic acid and reduces its accumulation in the body, thereby eliminating or reducing the tension and fatigue, and making people sleep easily. It can be seen that the proper drinking of vinegar in patients with tension insomnia can help to improve the quality of sleep.

Vinegar is an acidic substance. In the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners, acidic substances can turn yin and stabilize mood, thus effectively promoting sleep and improving symptoms of insomnia.

Jacks to improve sleep What vinegar do you eat?

Vinegar varieties should also choose to use broken rice, bran, sorghum, corn and other foods, such as rice vinegar, etc., the vinegar produced by grain has higher nutritional value, it It contains various nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates required by the human body.

It should be noted that for mild insomnia, try it, but pay attention to patients with gastritis and peptic ulcer. Because the body’s acidic substances are too much, it will aggravate the condition.

Jacks to improve sleep How to eat vinegar?

Of course, drinking vinegar to improve tension and insomnia is not the more you drink, the better. Spoon a day, preferably diluted with warm water before drinking, because vinegar contains more acetic acid, directly drink vinegar can corrode teeth, make it decalcification, do not forget to rinse mouth after drinking.

Hot water plus vinegar soaking feet can also improve sleep

Chinese medicine believes that vinegar can activating blood and dispersing blood, soaking feet with vinegar, can promote blood circulation Eliminate fatigue and help you fall asleep. Therefore, people suffering from insomnia may wish to pour 2500 ml of hot water of about 40 °C into the pot every night before going to bed, add vinegar (vinegar, rice vinegar) 150 ml soaked feet to improve sleep. In addition, adding a proper amount of vinegar to the bathtub during bathing can also play a role in eliminating fatigue and improving sleep.

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