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In today’s medical world, in the field of cancer treatment, the development and application of immunosuppressive agents shine, and immune cell therapy is in full swing. Scientists have placed their hopes of conquering cancer on immunotherapy. Japan is a leader in the development of cancer cells for immune cells, and is currently the most developed country for cancer solid tumor research and clinical practice.

According to statistics, in 2015, the World Health Organization ranks first in the ranking of medical standards in various countries, and is comparable to the medical level in the United States. The quality of medical services in Japan also represents the highest level in the world. Japan’s research and treatment in the field of cancer has long been among the world’s foremost, and it is already one of the countries with the best cancer treatment.

Average 5-year survival rate in Japan and China

Japanese cancer experts on lung cancer and other cancer topics

In recent years, Japan has pioneered a globally advanced biological cell immunotherapy technology. After drug treatment, surgical treatment, and radiation therapy, the fourth type of cancer treatment has become a hot spot in the field of life and health, and an important development direction for future clinical treatment.

In contrast to traditional chemoradiotherapy, cellular immunotherapy attacks cancer cells in the body by culturing immune cells in the patient’s body, enhancing the patient’s resistance and not affecting the patient’s own normal cells.

In fact, immune cell therapy is not simply how many immune cells are cultured, but whether these cells recognize cancer cells and cancer stem cells. This is a complex medical technique that requires strict quality control at every step of cell extraction, amplification, and reinfusion.

Japanese cellular immunotherapy technology has unique advantages in these areas:

1. Japan is a pioneer of cellular immunity, with rich clinical experience and data. Its clinical target is Oriental. It is more suitable for oriental human body;

Second, Japan has excellent laboratory equipment and world-leading extraction technology, and cell extraction and separation are more precise, ensuring the purity of cells;

Third, the entire culture should be cultured under aseptic management according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. The immune cells that have been proliferated and activated in Japan can ensure 97% cell survival rate when reinjecting patients, thereby achieving therapeutic expectation.

Four, Japanese cellular immunotherapy technology has obtained a large number of international technology patents. Most of China’s immunotherapy industry is imitating and tracking, lacking original theory and technology.

V. The biggest advantage of Japan is that medical expenses are low. Japan’s medical expenses are the lowest among all developed countries, and the cost of cellular immunotherapy is the same as domestic.

In addition, the relevant departments of the Japanese government have also strongly supported the regulation of immune cell therapy, which is also gradually released. This means that the supervision is not strict, but the state encourages the implementation of immunotherapy, but at the same time it is strictly regulated. . In Japan, the implementation of cancer immunotherapy must be approved by the National Regenerative Medical Committee and the local health bureau. After a rigorous examination, the qualification of immunotherapy can be obtained, and the relevant department will treat every cancer patient who receives immunotherapy. For the record, closely follow the physical condition of each patient receiving cellular immunotherapy.

Real Case

Mr. Zhang, who has just finished 60th birthday, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer due to abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, showing whole body pet, liver metastasis of pancreatic cancer, and pathological staging of puncture. For T4N0M1, due to inoperable surgery, chemotherapy is not sensitive, domestic doctors do not have better treatment options. In order to find a first-line vitality, Mr. Zhang has found a global network of oncologists. Through the multidisciplinary consultation of authoritative cancer experts around the world, patients are advised to consult Japanese experts. Experts recommend the latest cell immunotherapy – macrophage therapy. The patient went to Japan for treatment. After one course of treatment, the symptoms improved significantly, and the pet review lesions resolved significantly.

Japanese cancer experts on lung cancer and other cancer topics

In order to enable more patients and their families to learn the scientific methods of comprehensive treatment of cancer, to understand the international frontier research and clinical treatment information, and to grasp the true content of evidence-based medicine. The Global Oncologist Network and Shanghai Senmao Clinic specially invited the Japanese cancer treatment expert, Dean Morita Yuji, to give a special lecture and public welfare consultation on cancer treatment in Japan for November 25~26, 2016. Welcome cancer patients and their families. sign up. To register, please visit the Global Oncologist Network.

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Japanese cancer experts on lung cancer and other cancer topics