It takes 8 hours to sleep? No! Premier League Manchester United sleep coach: sleep takes 90 minutes

Dear bookmates, the book we want to share today is called “Sleep Revolution”. The scene shared tonight is very special. Now I am in the ancient temple of the millennium, the ancient temple of Shimen, Baofeng Temple. Jiangxi Buddhist College will share it for everyone, because in the next few days, I will attend a work visit and an international psychological forum at Jiangxi Buddhist College.

sleep takes 8 hours? no! Premier League Manchester United sleep Coach: It takes 90 minutes to sleep

Is sleep a barrier for you? So what do you think about sleep, and what do you think sleep means and value to each of us? Do you want or need to make some improvements in your sleep? Basically, this book is the grand opening of the Premier League’s 30-year research experience. It uses a more scientific sleep program to help us optimize our life education. Athletes need to play in the game than we do. At its best, his sleep is a big challenge, because we know that athletes can’t often play in the country and region that they are familiar with. If an international athlete, like Manchester United, he might participate. Many times the international competition, the environment he is familiar with goes to another place to play, the place may need to be jet lag, maybe the whole environment, climate is not what he wants, then how to adjust his sleep, how to let the athletes Keeping the best in the game is also a job for the team’s sleep coach. And his approach to helping athletes can also help us better improve the quality of sleep and keep us in the best condition.

In this book, he proposed a concept called R90. The so-called R90 means that he thinks that each sleep cycle is 90 minutes. The reason why we have a big obstacle to sleep is because the current life is very fast. It is difficult for us to sleep for a long time in one night. At the same time, we have a psychological shadow, that is, every one seems to be People should rest at least 8 hours a night, so when such a real life makes it difficult for us to sleep, and at the same time there is such a psychological obstacle, sleep becomes an obstacle.

First, let’s learn about the author’s understanding of sleep in this book. So, guys, what do you think is the meaning and value of sleep in our lives? The author believes that sleep is the repair of our body and mind, and the repair of body and mind does not only mean our sleep at night, or that we are not just saying that such a physical and mental repair is only at night, but actually every day At any time of 24 hours, we can carry out physical and mental repair. In the repair of body and mind, especially in the repair of sleep, he proposed seven key indicators to form a R90 program. The so-called R90, we just said that each sleep cycle is 90 minutes, so let’s share this 90-minute sleep cycle.

R90 refers to the repair of the body in a cycle of 90 minutes. He walked through such a cycle, we can do some feelings against your own daily sleep, we will fight at the beginning. Sleeping, and this time we actually haven’t reached shallow sleep, but it’s just drunk, awake, and sleep. At this time, as long as there is a little voice, such as people opening the door and talking on the road, they can wake us up. If we can successfully escape this stage, we can enter shallow sleep, it is also called eye movement sleep, and at this time our heart rate and body temperature will decline, and at this time if someone shouts our name, Or if a mother hears the crying of her child, she will still be able to wake up very quickly. We have the highest proportion of sleep during the whole sleep cycle, that is, in a 90-minute sleep cycle. We have been sleeping for a long time, so in fact this shallow sleep is not a waste of time. This stage will allow us to integrate external letters. And gradually improve our quality.

If we can go through the light sleep smoothly, we will enter the third and fourth stages of deep sleep, and at this time others will need a lot of effort to wake us up. We can recall that in our lives, there is no such experience, when we are sleeping, someone comes to us to do urgent things, he will be very laborious to wake us up, and this time we will When you wake up, you will find yourself dizzy. For example, when we go to New Year’s Eve in the early spring, we may have to force ourselves to wake up in a very big sleep and wake up. This time, I feel dizzy, dizzy, and confused. . At this time, we often say that sleepwalking is at this stage. At this stage, the repair of the body is mainly caused by an increase in the secretion of growth hormone. The growth hormone of the human body is a drug that can improve the performance of the game, but actually Our body itself is naturally capable of secreting this hormone and its effect is amazing. It can promote the growth of new cells in our body and the repair of tissues. It can make our physical energy work after people can feel our vitality. Recovery and vitality, in fact, we hope that our deep sleep can account for about 2% of the total sleep time.

After deep sleep, you will enter a rapid eye movement sleep, eye activity, and this time the body is not moving, but we will dream, and we dream most of the time At this stage, and this stage is considered to be conducive to the development of creativity, this stage of our adult probably accounts for 20% of sleep, while the baby is more than 50%. At the end of this stage, we will wake up. But usually, when the end of this cycle, we don’t remember that we woke up, we will go to the next sleep cycle. Usually, if you sleep about 7 or 8 hours a night, then we will be one night. After going through 5 such sleep cycles, the nightly sleep cycle is actually different. In the earlier sleep cycle, deep sleep will be bigger, because the body will want us to quickly enter deep sleep during this time. In the later sleep cycle, rapid eye movement sleep has a greater proportion. For example, we will remember that we still remember certain dreams when we wake up, because we are in the later sleep cycle, such as our day. If you go through 5 sleep cycles in the evening, you may dream in the later sleep cycle, which means that the rapid eye movement sleep cycle will be longer. In the ideal state, we should be like this. We should lie in bed at night. We should be the mode of waking up in sleep, waking up in sleep, smoothly transitioning from one sleep cycle to another, until the morning wakes up. Come, we get high quality sleep in a coherent process.

But in practice, we will find that there are many factors that hinder us from having a high quality sleep, such as noise, and then our age, such as stress, such as our thoughts, such as some things, For example, caffeine, such as drinking coffee, and some physiological interference, such as the action of the partner, our own oral breathing instead of sucking, the temperature is appropriate, such as we drink a lot of water at night, or we eat more late.

In this book he talked about seven key indicators of sleep repair. The first one is the circadian rhythm, which is the human body color. We have different laws in each time period during the day and night. We must respect such a law. For example, during the day, we may For example, at 11 o’clock at noon, we may have the highest sensitivity. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, our coordination is the strongest. At 3:30 in the afternoon, our reaction rate is the strongest. When it is more than 9 o’clock, actually At this time we began to secrete a melatonin, and the body began to enter a state that requires rest. So the circadian rhythm will give us some sleep desires, and our body has a balance ability, let us produce some sleep needs.

The second one, each of us has a type of sleep, you may be suitable for going to bed early and getting up early, maybe it may be more suitable for late nights, we must be able to accept and respect our natural laws. He is a person who goes to bed early and gets up early. You make him sleep late, he may be more tired, so you have to find out if you are more suitable for going to bed early, or better for late nights. There is also a 90-minute sleep method, and then warm-up and soothing. He talks about a person who has 35 sleep cycles per week. For example, we have a psychological guilty feeling when we stay up all night, staying up late. Actually, the author thinks that it is sometimes difficult for us to say that we don’t go to stay up late one night. For example, if we go to a public relations project, we have a major business. We have to deal with many things, and we may need some day and night. In fact, we only need to maintain 35 sleep cycles per week, 90 minutes per cycle, you can try it, count, in fact, 5 sleep cycles per night is the best.

At the same time, there are still 90 minutes before and after 5 sleep cycles, which is 90 minutes before bedtime and 90 minutes after bedtime. At the same time, it is best not to eat within 90 minutes before bedtime. Before the first 90 minutes, for example, if you are used to sleeping at 10 o’clock, then do not eat again after 8:30, and don’t immediately go to the electronic device after sleeping, and suggest that we also have an hour and a half before going to bed. Try not to touch the electronic device as much as possible, so that you can slow down your body, slow down your body slowly, try to read some books, do some housework, listen to a little soothing music, try not to do something yourself. Some movements with very fast body and mind rhythm, and don’t deal with some things immediately after waking up, for example, especially within 15 minutes after sleeping, try not to look at the phone and handle some things, because at this time you may be used by mobile phones. Some of the information on the information may be very angry and very joyful. It may cause your body to enter a more exciting state, which is not good for the body. State, after it is best to draw the curtains can make yourself accept some sunlight exposure, let our bodies recover quickly, because the light is the best factor of a regulation of the body recovery.

And if we can’t sleep for 5 hours at night, the 5 sleep cycles are 7.5 hours. There are two times when we can make up for this. One is noon. One is next evening.

For example, in the afternoon we have a “controlable repair period of 30 minutes”, this time is not suitable for sleeping for 90 minutes, because this will affect the night’s sleep, while in the evening, it can also Choose to sleep for 30 minutes, you can make better use of the evening time, because we also have a lot of entertainment and activities in the evening, this time in the evening to sleep for 30 minutes, can make us more efficient at night, also You have to choose a good bedding, that is, a mattress, and he only recommends a sleeping position to be on the side, like a baby, the knees are slightly curved, slightly bent, put both hands in front of you, if you are used to If you are in the right hand, it will be on the left side. If you are used to the left hand, that is to say you are left-handed, use the sleeping position on the right side. At the same time, as far as possible, remove all the things that affect sleep, especially blue light, and you should close the curtains as much as possible to make the whole environment dark.

At the end of today’s sharing, let’s make a summary. We can let us know how to sleep efficiently through the key indicators we just shared. In fact, we don’t have to sleep for 8 hours every day. It is not composed of work, going home, having fun, and an undetermined sleep cycle. Instead, we have to divide it into cycles of 90 minutes of sleep. For example, during the daytime work hours, it is best to have every 90. After a minute of rest, you can get up in the toilet and drink some water, and then you can achieve the balance between power function and activity. In such a sleep process, the most important thing is to make sure that you get up. Time, even if you stay up late at night, get up at that time during the day, and then sleep as much as possible at 11 o’clock, of course you don’t have to worry about lack of sleep, but you have to ensure that there are 4 relatively ideal sleeps in each week. It is you have to guarantee that you can sleep for 5 sleep cycles in 4 days in a week, and 5 sleep cycles per week, you can make up 30 minutes in the afternoon. Late can make up for 30 minutes. At the same time, we must maintain a good environment and diet at night.

It’s going to be here tonight, I wish everyone a good night’s sleep, let us go to sleep, let us live a more efficient life, live a better life, and wish everyone a happy weekend!

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