It is worth noting that the Week reads COVID19

Roxanne Khamsi, in Nature, about the incredible challenges we will face in producing and distributing a SARS-CoV2 vaccine if / when we find one.

Michael Specter, in The New Yorker, with a profile of the real doctor of America – Anthony Fauci

Apoorva Mandavilli and Katie Thomas, in The New York Times, discuss what serological tests are and whether they will all help us get back to work.

Ed Yong, in the Atlantic, for our pandemic in the summer and how the only way out is.

Maggie Koerth, at FiveThirtyEight, about the destruction of COVID by our medical supply chains and how it is not possible to get the whole supply of medical grade glass around the world (for example for vaccine vials) has already been purchased.

Terrie Laplante-Beauchamp, at Globe and Mail, with a three-day diary to read about her volunteering experiences as a regular in a long-term Montreal-based care unit hit hard by COVID19.