Is Britney Spears Fat?

Is Britney Spears Fat?Is Britney Spears Fat? This is an issue that came yesterday in the media and is something we really need to look into in our society. Let's say for a moment that we see Britney in video and think

"Oh, I have definitely got fat"

Well that was my reaction anyway, it's not fair to be sure that at least 95% of all people are more viscous than Britney Spears was Sunday and I still thought it was fat.

The fact against perception is the important thing to look at. If I look at Britney Spears 5 years ago, I see a young girl with almost 0% bodyfat and perfect lighting to highlight the curves she had anyway, as she danced quickly around a scene with a group of dancers who followed her. The Sunday night was different. Five years and two kids have gone through, we've heard all the stories about Hard Partying, failed marriage, bad parents and more and we almost want to see her failure so Britney Spears learns she can not get away from doing these terrible things.

Sunday's performance was poor. Still poor, moving slowly and with very poor choreography, we found a 25-year-old Britney Spears as the most normal person (although most regular people do not dance in lingerie). Looking at her you know he could make a huge return and come back in just a few months if he wanted to, but our perception is the difference between a ridiculous stereotype 5 years ago and a reflection on what Britney is today .

And no, Britney Spears is not greasy

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