Intimidation or piracy of obese children does not lead them to lose weight but can lead them to earn

The recently published Weight-based walking is associated with an increase in BMI and fatty mass among children and adolescents at risk of obesity: A longitudinal study is an important document for many well-meaning parents, teachers and doctors who believe the experimental dose can help the child make behavioral changes that will lead him to weight loss.

The authors followed 110 children at risk or overweight or obesity for 8.5 years and watched their weight and their connection with heavy teasing. They found that after adjusting and checking for gender, race, age, socio-economic status, BMI and fatmass, the children who reported the most teasing gained the greatest weight (p≤.007). In a quantified way, the authors found that the fat masses of older children increased by 91% more per year (1.4kg / year) than those who did not report weight-based experiments.

While it is important to note that causality can not be proven here, surely these results match the idea that if any amount of experiment led the children to lose weight, we would see dramatic reductions in child obesity rates because the weight is long and far the number one target of school enemies, even at home, 60% of overweight children reported to be concerned about the same.

If you have a child with obesity, unfortunately you can be assured that they will receive a lot of shame, responsibility, fear and intimidation from the world around them and if you are worried about your child's weight, rather than burden it ask yourself what you can do to help your parent, if nothing else, one thing you can of course do is to make your home a safe place where weight is not something that is welcome to joke or comment.

(and if you live in Ottawa and have a child between 5 and 12 whose weight is concerned and you are interested in our parent's office, the Ministry of Health sponsored an in-house Family Reset child obesity treatment program do not hesitate to call us at 613 -730-0264 and book an appointment for a conversation)