In case the baby accidentally took the drug…

A baby accidentally took the drug...

The baby’s life is splashing, and the mother doesn’t see it at first glance. It may be something to come up! For example, in the usual time of raising a baby, the safety of the baby has always been the most concerned by the parents, but everyone is concerned about the baby’s illness, home safety, etc., drug safety is often forgotten, except when the baby is sick, according to the doctor’s choice of medicine The safe placement of drugs in the home should also be paid attention to, because the baby tends to eat the sweet and sugar-coated drugs as candy, and the water-based drugs and chemicals with bright colors and aromatic smells as drinks. And cause poisoning. This is a big deal. The necessary first aid knowledge mom will come to learn!

If your baby is taking the medicine, take the first aid first!

1. Quick vomiting

If you find that your baby is taking the medicine, regardless of whether the baby has a different reaction, you should quickly carry out the baby. Inducing vomiting, parents can use the spoon handle, chopsticks, etc. to directly stimulate the baby’s tongue roots and scorpions, induce the baby to vomit, do more times, let the baby vomit as much as possible, so that the drug residue is minimized.


1 When vomiting your baby, try to let your baby take a side position or a bowed back posture to prevent the baby from vomiting. Inhale the trachea and affect your baby’s breathing.

2 In order to induce vomiting to your baby, you must first call the emergency number of a nearby hospital, or prepare your own baby to the nearest hospital.

3After discovering that the baby has taken the drug by mistake, don’t let the baby drink water immediately, because drinking water will not only dilute the drug, but also speed up the drug into the body and digest it, causing secondary damage.

4The following situations are best not to induce vomiting, but to the hospital directly:

·The baby loses consciousness and falls into a coma;

·The baby is convulsive Action;

·Unclear what medicine is wrong for the baby, or if the parent cannot master the method of vomiting;

2. Sending a medical first aid

If your baby takes too long to take the medicine and the vomiting is not working, you should try your best to send the baby to the nearest hospital. The doctor will treat the patient according to the specific situation. This is the parents. It should be noted that it is best to confirm the specific name of the drug that the baby accidentally took, the amount of the drug to be taken, the approximate time of the accident, etc. before sending the doctor. It is best to bring the drug that the baby accidentally took, and give the emergency doctor first-hand information to speed up the first aid. process.

Pure attention to the placement of medicines at home, don’t wait until something goes wrong!

1. Put the medicine out of the reach of your baby.

2. Adult medicines and children’s medicines cannot be put together. External medicines and oral medicines cannot be put together to avoid mistakes.

3. Do not easily discard the packaging and instructions for the drug.

There is also a very important reminder to parents: When the baby takes medicine, he should tell him why he should take medicine, and also tell him the serious consequences of taking medicine when he is not sick. Also, don’t lie to the baby when they are feeding the medicine, this is candy, to avoid the baby’s misunderstanding.