If you call for a ban on bottled water, but not in bottled water of sugar (soda, juice, sports drinks, etc.), you make it wrong

Obviously, two former municipal councilors and some "water defenders" by a team called the Ottawa Ottawa Study / Action Team are putting pressure on the city of Ottawa to ban the sale of bottled water to all municipal buildings.

They justify that the tap water of the city of Ottawa is amazing and that the sale of bottled water is devastating to the environment.

But here is the thing.

All other plastic bottles on the machine automatically, those that are only water with some sugar and taste, are in the same bottles and their consumption, unlike the water, is not good for health.

So if you introduce a ban on bottled water, but you allow the sale of candied water, it is likely to shift sales to them, do nothing for the environment and promote healthy drinks. I can not find myself back.

I am all about banning the sale of plastic bottles, but all plastic bottles, not just those containing the only really healthy drink sold.