If there were quick, easy, flying jumping dates, you would already have them

The saying is that long journeys start with the first steps, without jumping, and if there were curtains that led to a lasting change, you would have already taken them.

It's a simple message, but when it comes to weight management, our diet culture demands that we ignore it.

The inconvenient truth of healthy living is that it will definitely require effort.

Yes, it is likely that they will succeed in changing everything at once, but for most, slowly building and layering the changes and respecting the fact that their roads will see their share of frustrations and failures, is the way to finally get somewhere.

Your first step may be as small as missing a restaurant meal a week at the cooking spot or trying to reduce sugar drinks by 50% by 50% or planning a day for shopping or a delivery service. weekly groceries. the more steps you can actually perform without suffering, the more likely you are not to fall, which in turn will help you keep going.