If the Microbiological is as important as we are led to believe it is not all the more reason not to charge your own?

There is no denying the hype about the germ with the buzz that suggests it is integral to anything and everything – from our immune system, to obesity, dementia.

So let's briefly agree that it is.

Even if we do, it's hard to imagine there would be a global "better"mircobiome makeup that covers age, gender, race, nutrition, geography, friendships etc. Concept, even if we had thoughts about what"healthy"The germ was, what is healthy for one person may not be healthy for another.

But behind us agreeing that they are extremely important and involved in everything.

If this is the case, should you really try to deliberately break up with yours as we haven't even really started studying the impact of suffering with them over time?


I'll keep to the basics.