I will get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes.

Following the healthy reading club to read a healthy and good book, “Diabetes is enough for this book” to read the card for the fourth day.

I will get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes.

China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion and 140 million people with diabetes, almost 10%. There are also 500 million sugar pre- (high blood sugar).

Why does diabetes love to “care” the Chinese?

In addition to the Nauru people in the world (South Pacific island countries such as Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Nauru, etc., everyone knows that Tonga people are fat, but Nauru people are fatter, Per capita weight is the heaviest in the world. Really everybody is fat.

Beautiful scenery.

I will get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes

The Nauru people are so tonnage.

Anyone The burger is so big, it’s still a snack.

Do I get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes

A fish by the sea, get a coconut Just eat a snack, coconut meat is saturated with fatty acids, high calories.

I will have to do with diabetes - Chinese people tend to suffer from diabetes,

other foods to be imported Eat all sweet bread, white rice noodles, canned vegetables. Diabetes 30%. (This diet structure can not be blamed for diabetes, a lot of refined carbon water, low dietary fiber, vitamin deficiency, etc.)

The second highest incidence of diabetes It is Indian, and Chinese people are the most vulnerable to diabetes. Nauru is ten people and nine fat. Diabetes accounts for about 30% of the total population, which is the highest in the world. The incidence of diabetes in American Indians and Chinese is more than twice that of whites. In addition, the prevalence of diabetes in African Mauritians is as high as 20%. . These Naurus, Indians, and Chinese have one thing in common: diets are dominated by high-carbohydrates (sugar and starch, refined carbohydrates, not whole grains, and a lot of food). The traditional Chinese diet is based on grains. The main ingredients in the grains are sugar and starch. However, the prevalence of diabetes in China was not high. In the past 20 or 30 years, the Chinese were almost “insulated” from obesity and diabetes. What is going on here?

The reason is that the real killer of diabetes is refined carbohydrates. If the diet is based on natural carbohydrates or whole grains, whole grains, diabetes will not break out on a large scale. It is worth rethinking that in recent years, our food has become more and more fine, and more and more junk food such as fast food has been introduced, which has led to the explosive development of diabetic patients in China.

It is not only the refined carbohydrates that exceed the standard, but also lead to diabetes, fried foods, meat, etc., the total heat has exceeded the standard for a long time, all make insulin resistance, uncontrolled, and eventually repentance eventually develops into diabetes.

In addition, statistics show that the ability of Chinese to secrete insulin is worse than that of Europeans and Americans, which is only about 1/2 of that of Europeans and Americans.

I will get diabetes?

So, although the number of people who are overweight in Europe and the United States is far more than the Chinese, the proportion of people with diabetes is lower than that of the Chinese. For Europeans and Americans, obesity makes them more susceptible to atherosclerosis than diabetes.

Follow our next generation!

Earlier, when doctors talked about childhood diabetes, they often referred to type 1 diabetes. But now, with the improvement of urban and rural living standards, changes in diet structure and living habits, “Little Puff” has become commonplace, and the incidence of type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents has increased significantly.

Survey data from Shanghai and Beijing showed that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes was between 0.48 and 0.60 in the 6-19 year old population. Because children have insufficient self-awareness and self-control ability, their treatment should be different from adults, and doctors are actively exploring appropriate treatment strategies.

After adults diagnose diabetes or high blood sugar, some people can suddenly wake up, through drugs, increase exercise, balance diet, limit calorie intake, diabetes can be controlled. But children are hard to do. You don’t want them to drink sweet drinks, eat fried chicken and chips, dessert cakes, and eat all kinds of meat. They don’t do it! It’s hard to change the way of life, so your child’s diabetes is more terrible and harder to control.

I will get diabetes?

When you can feel diabetes, your condition has deteriorated.

There is no subjective discomfort when the condition of diabetes is mild.

The progress of many type 1 diabetes is very rapid, and patients have various discomforts when they are sick. Unlike type 1 diabetes, progression of type 2 diabetes is a slow process. In the early stages of the disease, in addition to the increase in blood sugar levels, patients will feel that they are “normal people.” As the disease progresses, the patient will gradually feel symptoms such as thirst, good drinking water, and sweet food.

Of course, some readers will have questions here: “No, the doctor told me that I have diabetes symptoms. I have these symptoms.” Actually, this is just because you are diagnosed. When the diabetes is out, the condition has progressed to some extent.

After the progression of diabetes, various discomforts may occur after the progression of various subjective discomforts, some of which are caused by hyperglycemia and partly by complications of diabetes. The complications of diabetes are discussed in detail in a later chapter. When the blood sugar level caused by high blood sugar is high, it is not easy for the body to convert food into nutrients for use. If we do not get sufficient energy supply, we will be prone to fatigue, and we will lose weight and increase appetite.

When the sugar is excreted from the kidneys, it requires a lot of water to dissolve, and polyuria occurs. The loss of water can cause polydipsia, so patients will like plenty of water. Because of the weight loss and polydipsia phenomenon of diabetes, it is also known as diabetes in ancient China.

Discomfort caused by complications In the following chapters we talked about long-term hyperglycemia. It can cause a variety of complications, complications and a variety of clinical manifestations.

Some readers may have heard some sensational complications caused by diabetes, such as blindness due to diabetes Yes, some have been amputated due to diabetic foot, and certain kidneys need dialysis treatment due to diabetes.

Indeed, these tragic stories are the true ending of the development of diabetes. “Frozen, Non-day cold, before the development of diabetes to the stage of complications, patients will have various related discomforts, these symptoms are precursors to complications, and also a friendly warning light, reminding patients should be more cherished. Below, we have summarized Typical discomfort caused by high blood sugar and complications, readers may wish to do a self-examination.

Let’s do a small test! The discomfort caused by high blood sugar

□ Abnormal thirst

□ abnormal increase in urine output or frequency

□ abnormal increase in appetite

□ often feel very tired and tired

□Like a lot of drinking water, especially cold water

□Suddenly like to eat sweets

□ Eat more, but the weight is lighter

Complications caused by complications

□ visual reappearing

□ decreased vision

□ dizziness, black sputum when standing

□ easy to get periodontal disease

□The skin is prone to rash and inflammation

□Itchy skin

□It is easy to have foot pain during walking, it is difficult to continue walking, and you can get better after rest

□Hand and foot numbness

□Hands and feet are cold

□The calf is often cramped

□The foot surface is edema

□The foot is easy to be injured Causes purulent infections

□prone to constipation or diarrhea

□sexual libido

erectile dysfunction

Tomorrow to continue reading for the fifth day Check for diabetes. What kind of tests do I need to perform? Urine sugar check——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Please Look.

Appropriate exercise is a good doctor

Scientific diet is a good medicine

I will eat and rest at a break

Do not hang out with others

I will get diabetes?

Do I get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes

Do I get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes

Do I get diabetes? Chinese people are prone to diabetes

Routine exercise every day, soothe your mood, scientific diet, limit calories, healthy weight, although you can’t guarantee that you don’t have diabetes, but To minimize risk.

Three-point days are destined to fight for seven points.

Everyone gets the same cards, see how to play the healthy card, feel comfortable, and not drag the family and children.