I know | muscles must have a diet strategy, to exercise more smart

A few years ago, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Dietetic Association publicly affirmed the importance of nutritional supplements after exercise. Especially after high-intensity aerobic exercise, your body needs to restore energy and repair muscle sources. Simply put, you need a calorie credit at this time.

It’s like the car has no oil and needs to be replenished to go further.

 I know | muscles must have a diet strategy, to exercise more smart to eat

master Prime time

Many people are worried that the body’s absorption will become stronger after exercise, and it is easy to get fat when eating. Some people even think that calories burned by hard sports will be abandoned because of the supplemented diet.

The absorption of the body is strong, but the conclusion that it is easy to get fat is not correct.

A 1999 study in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitamins compares the difference between eating immediately after exercise and eating after 4 hours. Under the same calorie food standard, after 10 weeks of exercise In the experimental group that was immediately eaten, body fat was 24% lower than the other group, and muscle mass was 6% more. Brent, the chief scientific officer of the US Sports Council, believes that the post-exercise diet will not only affect weight loss, but will enhance your physical strength and help you lose weight in the long run.

Half an hour to an hour after exercise, you can replenish your body with a simple light snack. This heat is not stored as fat, but is used to repair the lost energy and tissue. The National Institute of Sports Science of the National Sports University recently found that taking the right diet within one hour after exercise, the body, like a sponge, quickly absorbs the nutrients that are eaten and provides a repairing effect.

The later you eat after exercise, the less effective the effect may be. Because delaying meals, it only causes the muscles to be forced to break down muscle protein to replace the lack of energy, and then the proportion of energy that is distributed back to the muscles is reduced, allowing nutrients to be stored by tissues outside the muscles (fat tissue and liver).

 I know | muscles must have a diet strategy, to exercise more smart to eat

carbon water Compounds are smart to eat

A lot of people don’t know this secret. After exercise, it’s actually the best time to eat complex starchy foods during the day.

The starch and carbohydrates that everyone fears, such as sweet potatoes, bread and royal rice balls, play an important role in sports. Because of the consumption of liver sugar during exercise, you can rely on good carbohydrates to recover, let your physical strength come back quickly, and will not be stored as fat. Many people only eat protein when they lose weight, do not eat carbohydrates, the body function will be out of tune for a long time, and the rate of re-fat will increase.

A lot of studies in foreign countries in the past two decades have shown that after eating, the combination of bread, pasta, cereals, brown rice, potatoes and other complex starches can help muscle repair, as for sugar-rich biscuits and cakes. Single carbohydrates should be avoided as much as possible.

In addition to starch, fruit is also a good choice for carbohydrates. Oranges, apples, kiwis and tomatoes are good for supplements after exercise. They can even be made into juice to speed up body absorption. . You can also choose a slightly sour fruit, which is rich in citric acid to help promote the regeneration of glycogen.

 I know | muscles must have a diet strategy, to exercise more smart to eat

protein Auxiliary repair of damaged muscles

The importance of protein lies in muscle tissue that can be repaired and destroyed during regenerative exercise. There have been many studies showing that carbohydrates can get a lot of protein, which can increase muscle mass and performance, and even help to reduce body fat.

A study in Japan once pointed out that people who took protein after exercise reduced almost fat, while those who did not take any food after exercise lost muscle and muscle.

If you want to strengthen your muscles through weight training, you can choose the right amount of protein carbohydrate formula to strengthen your muscles. For those who are more concerned about fast recovery, you can choose to absorb them more easily. Carbohydrate and whey protein formula.

However, it should be reminded that the proportion of diet after exercise is still based on carbohydrates, because carbohydrates have a better effect on insulin secretion, which accelerates protein absorption. If the proportion of carbohydrates is too low, it may cause the amino acid in the blood to be absorbed slowly, and stay in the blood for a long time, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

 I know | muscles must have a diet strategy, to exercise more smart to eat

master The proportion of golden ratio starch 4 or 3: protein 1

According to foreign design studies, the smartest thing is to eat something after exercise, the ratio of carbohydrate to protein is 4:1 or 3. : 1, can produce better results for muscle recovery.

And the amount is not much, the calorie is controlled at about 300 calories. Under this principle, the enzyme that does not make your lipid synthesis will increase. The body has a good self-regulation function, when you need this heat, the body will choose to go to absorb this path.

 I know that I need to exercise more intelligently.

Heat No more than 300 cards

How to control snacks after exercise is less than 300 cards, and carbohydrates and protein are 4 to 3:1.

Foods containing more carbohydrates, such as squid rice balls, buns, and sushi, can be paired with another protein containing more protein such as low-fat milk, yogurt or low-sugar soy milk. More balanced.

For example, a banana with a cup of low-fat milk is a balanced distribution of carbohydrates and protein, with a calorie of only about 250 calories. Others like sweet potato +1 boiled egg, a few almonds + low-sugar soy milk, or a potato salad sandwich are also options to consider.

Before you exercise, you can prepare foods that are easy to carry at home, such as whole wheat squid sandwiches, potato salad sandwiches, bananas and other fruits, and comprehensive juices. You can also mix the whole sugar-free yogurt, soy milk, milk and fruit into a fruit shake, which can be added immediately after exercise.

If you don’t have time to prepare, convenient super business is a good choice, squid, rice balls, low-sugar soy milk, tea eggs, juice, low-fat milk, etc., clear nutrition label makes people who want to control heat very Convenience.

In addition, it is recommended to drink at least 250-500 ml of water, do not drink diuretic drinks such as coffee.

After eating light food to restore your physical strength, you must still remember to eat carbohydrates and protein in a balanced way, such as rice, brown rice, toast, sweet potatoes, noodles and other complex carbohydrates. With protein-rich foods such as tofu, meat, fish and shrimp, milk, egg or lean pig beef, avoid high-fat, such as pork belly, butter bread, meal bag, chicken wings, cold drinks, snacks, etc. .

If you are too late for exercise or after a meal, it is recommended to take a light meal.


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