I don’t want to see your face every day.

Years old, years old, love is lingering, I am obsessed with the face you are chased by the years. I don’t know from that day, you wet my eyes, I don’t know that from that day, you have brightened my face, so I hold hands with you, so I am so happy with you, how can he and his life, Canghai Sangtian . I don’t want to have all your warmth. I just want to have a small space in the corner of your heart. I don’t want to see your face every day. I just want time and space not to block your face. Even if he is not afraid of gold, he only wants to make the water lotus of your heart.

I don't want to see your face every day

Make a wish, even if the wind blows away all the memories, even if it is difficult for me to plant a tempting verse, you will still spend the flowers in my pen. You are still the immortal memory of my life, you still sway every season of my life.

The encounter of life, because there is a relationship, will meet, because the soul is dependent, the heart is no longer alone, because know how to cherish, flower blossom Xie is full of love, heart if each other, how the wind and rain ? On the embarrassment of the years, write a piece of love in the sea, write this most beautiful encounter in my heart, and cherish the fragrance of the first encounter in the drowning of the time. In our lifetime, we have missed a lot of beauty. If you meet someone who knows each other, please collect the agarwood of the years. No matter how many bumps you encounter, don’t give up. It’s really not easy to meet. Maybe, a turn is the end of the world, maybe, A wrong shoulder is a life, smiling and walking through each season, with a touch of affection through the end of the red, not seeking prosperity, but seeking the years of Qingning. Waiting until the spring blooms, I am thinking of you under the sun, picking up red makeup for you.

A Zen thought is far more concentric than a relative, because it knows, so the wind is clear, because it knows, so it is easy to follow. If the heart is spring, all eyes are spring, and the heart is the scene. The sky of the fate, there are flowers and rain, holding your hands, let the heart full of sweet fragrance, and go through the years of life, because the heart has a heart, because the heart and heart, even if there is more wind and rain, will not leave, the heart is still Sunny.