I don’t mind passing you by.

Don’t go grab it, it’s better to be reluctant to give up.

This is the life principle I have always believed in, because many times you like things that are not necessarily yours, whether it is objects or people, you have to understand that any time you care, it is possible Go away from you.

Even if you like this person again, you can’t grab it. Anyone who grabs it will eventually grab someone else. If a person doesn’t care much about you, don’t feel that it is a pity. Instead of being stubborn, it is better to send the other party away. I don't mind passing you

There are not many beautiful things in the world, the summer evening, the ice watermelon in the afternoon, the wind blowing from the river, and the lover who is with you. These things are the most beautiful in life, those The plausible feelings, the ambiguous people, the release has to be released.

You are young, the spirits are wild horses, but also the clear water. If you really have a loved one, you should go with your luggage and courage, cross the mountains and rivers, pass the city and the hills.

If the other party sees your arrival, the performance is full of joy and joy, then stay and drink a pot of wine together. The wine can be used without being too strong, but enough to get drunk. If the other person just turns at you and turns away, you don’t have to be too sad. At least you understand that this person does not love you or wait for you. It is better than not being with you, but also holding you. The people are much better.

In fact, there is no love at first sight in the world. Too many love at first sight is nothing but a hormonal impulse. People who can really be together are all right. Maybe you want to stabilize, maybe the other person wants to settle down. Come down.

In short, two people who want to enter life, take a face and then be private. In fact, you have been worried about it, not when you are leaving, but when you first see that person. I don't mind passing you by

You should say to yourself that this person is very good, and I am really happy, but we have no fate at the end, so don’t be reluctant. Sometimes you will say in your mouth, I don’t love this person, I don’t love anything. Every time someone’s phone and information come in, you will still see it for the first time, and then rack your brains to reply.

You said that you don’t want this person, but you are still unable to fall asleep at night. You said that you don’t care about this person. You can sneak into Weibo every day to see people’s dynamics in Weibo, or you are both right and wrong. Be careful.

You can already coexist peacefully with memories. You don’t want to be unforgettable. You can even think about this person occasionally. This is actually a dull, but also the last remaining relief.

So this is reality, and most of the reality is not complete. Those happy endings will only happen in the movie, and life is more helpless, sad, missed, helpless. Later, you also understand that you will no longer be able to find your own heart, you will learn to pay attention to the gains and losses of return and reward, the value of the other party can not be exchanged, the value is not worth paying.

In the eyes of many people, you may be mature and grow up. But only you know that you are mature, but it has become unrecognizable, and you hate it. Fortunately, you have finally learned to love yourself. Unfortunately, it is hard to love others.

So that’s it? But this life, or is it more realistic? Of course not. Some people missed it and missed it. Some people can’t get it, but the days have to go a little bit, and they say it, but I still hope that everything will be fine. I don't mind passing you by

It’s hard to have someone who is really lonely in the world. Everyone will meet their other half in the end. I always believe that the person who really goes with the person to the end, there is a part of the soul in the body. Belong to each other.

When this person appears, you don’t say too much, just look at each other’s eyes. The kind of tacit understanding and the kind of familiarity that I have never reunited with can’t be described in words, but you will firmly believe that it is true that this person is right.

It’s a pity that the people who pass by will not reunite, and those who have never met will be on the way. May you be warm every winter. May you not be cold every spring, and wish you a light in the dark, and there is a horse far away. I hope that in this life, there will be good people on the road, and there is no regret in the age of 100.