Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In recent years, probably more than 10 years now, professional athletes use hyperbaric booths to improve healing from bruises and injuries and has worked fantastically about them.

The treatment of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is operated by a person who breathes about 100 percent of oxygen intermittently while in the hyperbaric chamber pressed at a pressure greater than 1.4 times the sea level.

Why does HyperBaric oxygen therapy work?

The reason this works is because body tissues need oxygen to work. Additional oxygen can help destroy damaged tissue. Oxygen at high pressure can enhance tissue function and combat contamination, under certain conditions. At 1.4 ATA, the ambient pressure is three times greater than the air pressure we normally breathe. Breathing almost pure oxygen at this pressure can increase the oxygen concentration available in the lungs up to three times.

I am a great lever in technology leverage used by professional athletes for recovery from exercise but I was in the FDA Consumer Area today and I saw that people have spread the idea of ​​Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to a new cure for almost everything.

We often see such things. A great idea expands to be a cure for many things that had never been designed for. Steroids for muscle gain, Acai berries for anything, and the latest over-treatment for people with genetic diseases.

You are not sure how this can be extended to the following diseases, but there seems to be some research that can be said to work.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Approval of HyperBaric Skin Care Treatment?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared hyperbaric chambers for some medical uses, such as treating decompression sickness suffered by divers.

However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has not been proven to be the kind of universal therapy that has been offered on some Internet sites. The FDA is concerned that some claims from treatment centers using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy may give consumers a wrong impression that could ultimately endanger their health.

Despite the fact that over a century of use in medical facilities, hyperbaric oxygen remains a controversial treatment. Over the past 20 years, a clarification of the mechanism of action of hyperbaric therapy has been observed and a greater understanding of its potential benefit has been observed.

I can find some references to these things. Treatment of the hyperbaric chamber for autism and its use for the treatment of diabetic leg pain and even for the treatment of hypoxia?

As with other things we see this looks like a technology that can be promising for some things, but of course you have to be careful about what you are reading and be responsible for checking the pros and cons of any treatment.