Hunger from the Survivor

Hunger from the SurvivorRecently I have stopped watching Survivor, but I was surely anchored to Survivor for years. I remember when I first started watching Survivor I said we would vote in the first week, I do not know how true this is, but anyway.

I have always enjoyed watching people at Survivor do dumbe things and get lost until almost disappeared and then a transformation would seem to get fat in front of our eyes during the last episode when the show gave away millions of dollars.

So two questions, why they lose so much and why they win it all back.

Well first of all everyone knows that if you do not eat enough food and you still have to work out you will lose weight. Look at what happens as the show continues even though people become lazy, subdued and make bad decisions. The real problem with the contents of Survivor is that their metabolism slows down, starts to lack sleep and nutrients and eventually ends up devouring the end and just pushing a little more.

Once the show on the island is over survivors go home and quickly put their show losers back. The 39 days were an extracurricular experience and they did not learn anything, just died. Everyone returns to his old diet either wanting or planning or not, and gaining 30 or 40 pounds fast enough.

So I think the Survivor message is clear if you want to lose and change your lifestyle. Survivor may not be him. This brings me back to how I could survive better at Survivor.

First gather and take the form before the show. Try to go with good cardio ability and be very strong, but 30 – 40 pounds over, you will lose it anyway.

Then, do not be a leader, be very helpful to everyone individually, so that they feel an affinity with you. As we have seen, all the assistants go far enough to the Survivor and the leaders strike off quite quickly. The flip part of this is that if you need to decide ahead of others, do not ever get it done quickly and live with the consequences, no one in the survivor seems to like the people who think the decisions.

Once you are in the third or fourth week, consolidate yourself with at least three other people though all of them independently and start playing the game. Make sure your partners never have a problem at the same time and definitely take care of everyone you can do best.

Now that part I think is important, in the second or third week I think it's important to make some pretty big mistakes. These mistakes can not be something that affects other people and it's never a challenge, but they are things you have to clean yourself up. This will make you look like you're not a competitor and people will let you stay … crossing someone even though you will go out quickly.

Finally, as you approach the end of the survivor, you all go out. Start playing really hard and never miss a challenge. All the rules seem to change the last episodes and at this point people are never safe. You are only safe when you win the crap. When you are in front of the tip at the end of the show, you can point out how you helped everyone, where you never stabbed and you continued to overlook, overcome and overcome everyone else.

Then the next morning, go to the show in the morning to get control of the millions of dollars and sign your book.