How to safely store drugs at home?

As people’s awareness of health care improves, many families have kits for storing some commonly used drugs. If the medicine is stored improperly or stored for too long, it will deteriorate and even increase its toxicity. Therefore, how to store medicines safely at home becomes a very important issue, and the risk of medication due to improper storage of medicines should be avoided.

Storing medicines should prepare several essential medicines for the family members. The quantity should be small and stored in the proper temperature, humidity and light in strict accordance with the storage instructions of the instructions. Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

1 Drugs must be stored in a safe and reliable place. Do not allow children or mentally ill patients to come into contact with them, so as not to cause accidents and dangers;

2 In addition to the medicines required to be refrigerated or frozen in the refrigerator, general medicines should be placed in a place that is dry, ventilated, protected from light, and accessible. Therefore, it is not possible to put the medicine in the kitchen or the bathroom;

3The external medicine is irritating, corrosive or toxic, and the external medicine may be taken seriously, which may cause serious adverse consequences. Therefore, the internal and external medicines should be stored separately;

4The medicine packaging should be kept intact, and the name, use, usage, dosage and precautions of the medicine on the label should be clearly marked, no label or label. The clean medicine can no longer be used to ensure the safety of the medication;

5The regular drug is regularly checked and checked. Check whether the drug has deteriorated or expired, and the deteriorated or expired drug should be destroyed in time;

6 nitroglycerin and other coronary heart disease emergency medicines should be carried with you, and should be placed at the bedside when you sleep, so that you can take it whenever you need it. .

How to safely store medications at home?