How to Power-Nap like a Professional

Looking away during a major work meeting, snoring through a boring lecture, driving the metro to the end of the line after sleeping at home ride – these things happen. But avoid being "that" man adding sleep time to this daily routine. Seriously: Some Zzz's (scheduled) noon days may be renewed and renewed.

Are you down with REM? – What is

Learn the lingo: A power pill is just a fancy term for any kind of small nap designed to recharge sleep-deprived. Studies show that most sleep can reduce the risk for a handful of health problems from high blood pressure to obesity and diabetes. In addition, it is known that napping is to enhance creative thinking, improve memory and help with learning – perhaps it's time to get a slogan from the kindergarten.

The ideal length for a power cloth varies from person to person, but somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes is the general recommendation. Any longer and deeper stages of sleep start, which can lead to a situation full of zombies when it is time to wake up. Twenty minutes do we cut it? Make 90 to allow a full REM (fast eye movement) cycle.

Usually, our bodies are tired after about 8 hours of dehydration, so the best time of day for napping varies for each person, but the best window of opportunity tends to be somewhere between 2-4pm.

Not Just For Preschoolers – What It Means For You

What is the secret of successful sleep? Atmosphere is the key. Find somewhere quiet, comfortable and away from distractions, preferably with plenty of space to lie down – although a bed is not always necessary. Rejuvenate a sleeping environment anywhere by making the room as dark as possible using window shades or eye masks. Do you have trouble sleeping? Sleeping in a hammock may be the answer to a healthy somnolence. One study found that sleeping on a slow-couch bed (or hammock) asked the subjects to sleep faster and also encouraged deeper sleep. Just do not forget to set up an alarm!

Although there is no reason not to sleep, make the most of this lunch break taking some things to keep in mind. First, do not wake up – otherwise there is the danger of waking up even more tired than before, a sense that some sleep experts refer to as "drunken sleep" (obviously less fun than it sounds). Although we all wanted to climb under our offices (or perhaps even them), corporate culture is not always friendly to the idea of ​​a cat nap lunch. While some major companies like Nike and Google realized that their employees deserve a bit more shuteye, in general, napping is not exactly on the big boss agenda.

Trying to convince the company that naptime should be added to the agenda? Perhaps this will change their minds: A Spanish study found that workplace accidents tend to be more severe after lunch, probably due to failure to take a nap with lunch.

The Takeaway

Give advice from the culture of South America and add a little siesta in the day. Tell the boss that he will help his bottom line … because he will probably.
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