How to improve sleep quality and increase deep sleep time?


One of the most enduring and comfortable activities of a person’s life takes place in bed. That is —


How to improve sleep quality and increase deep sleep time?

The importance of deep sleep

Every day, we have about 1/3 of the time in sleep Over, sleep has become an important part of our lives. Privately think that sleep is of great significance to everyone, second only to diet and all other activities.

Sleep is the basis for other activities. The brain and body rest and recovery are inseparable from sleep. The quality of sleep directly affects the efficiency of people’s daily work, the accuracy of decision-making, and the brain. Development, which in turn affects the health and longevity of the entire body.

How to improve sleep quality and increase deep sleep Time?

With the acceleration of social life rhythm, increased stress, coupled with bad habits, such as irregular diet, smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc., increased sleep The quality is reduced and even insomnia.

How to get good sleep quality and maintain a full mental state every day? Shun Ge started today from deep sleep.

First, we must first understand, what is deep sleep?

Modern medicine divides sleep into 5 to 6 cycles according to the state of brain waves after the body falls asleep, each cycle is 60-90 minutes, and each cycle is divided into five stages, of which Deep sleep belongs to the third and fourth stages.

How to improve sleep quality and increase deep sleep time?

Five stages of the sleep cycle:

first In the stage and the second stage, the human body is in a state of shallow sleep, and the body gradually relaxes, breathing and heart rate gradually slow down.

The third and fourth stages, the human body enters deep sleep, the human blood pressure, breathing and heart rate reach the lowest point of the day, the blood vessels begin to swell, and the blood stored in the organs during the day begins to flow. Muscle tissue, nourish and repair them. During this period, the body’s repairs such as fatigue, detoxification, and cell repair are at their best.

If a person wakes up in deep sleep, they will find it difficult to get out of bed, slow response, lack of sense of direction, confusion, and even go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and may not even remember this.

The fifth stage is the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Most of the time for people to dream is at this stage.

How to improve sleep quality and increase deep sleep time?

To have a good quality sleep is to make the brain easier to enter the deep sleep stage and try to extend the time of deep sleep.

In this issue, we understand the difference between shallow sleep and deep sleep and the importance of deep sleep. The next issue of Shunge tells you how to get into deep sleep quickly.

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